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  • Mr. Brian Mc Cabe - The heart of Tudor tyrannyMagnificent writing that brings the reader into the centre of Tudor tyranny . A real page-turner that informs as much as it entertains. Historic accuracy is maintained while Mantel reveals how it was for real people living in the time of absolute monarchy. We see an English royal court that more resembles Stalins cabinet than a fairytale palace. Couldn't recommend it enough
  • mzglorybe - I've liked the versatilityWe are still using the 2012 version of McAfee All Access, as it does not expire until 2013, but this newer version should be just as good if not better. It is supposed to work on tablets better than the last version. That is where I had my only glitch last year. The customer service at McAfee was great in any case, helping me to resolve the issue.

    We have it installed on all our devices, Mac and Windows, and have had no problems. It is on our desktops, laptops and cell phones. It does not interfere with any running programs. It does give you a warning for any suspicious activity... you have the option to go there to the site or not. The McAfee logo is displayed upon start-up of cell phone, so you know you are protected. It updates automatically as well and lets you know it has been done. I have been using All Access since June of 2012 with no malware/virus problems.

    No disc is necessary ... you download and register right at the McAfee site with your product code provided with purchase. What could be easier? I found it downloads fast too, unlike another reviewer. The size of memory on your computer might determine the speed, but in my case it was easy and fast. No complaints. Definitely recommended.
  • Devin Flake - Great action plus great story tellingDonnie Yen is awesome! :)

    I really like this movie not only because of the excellent fight scenes but also the way the story was told. It almost seemed like a Sherlock Holmes movie China style. You keep trying to figure out who is good and who is bad, who is sane and who is insane, etc.

    If you like Kung-fu movies or Sherlock Holmes then you'll like this movie.
  • Chadahad - Hot liquid magmaA few weeks ago I had a birthday. Some co-workers brought a bag of these gastrointestinal nightmare nuggets. I see now that it will be my last birthday. Ever see those discovery channel programs about volcanoes? Well a few hours later that night I had hot liquid magma shoot straight out of my digestive hole. Good-bye, cruel world. Good-bye. I regret everything in life.
  • Serene - She has done it againTessa Afshar has done it again. I love the way she weaves history and God's word to tell a story. A story about finding your true worth in God. Redemption and restoration for a new bride and her husband, a father and daughter and God and his child. This is my second favorite book and I have pre ordered the third.