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  • J. Boone - Baby loves itMy 2 year old loves it! She's on it all day long! I actually purchased 1 game from Target it was $30 and I purchased 3 more from eBay for $10 each! But she loves it I can actually get work done and watch something I want to watch! She counts now all by herself and sings her ABC's no help! Love this Educational Toy!!
  • athalia - Works, but be consistent! PCOS Issues & More!We have been "sort of" trying for about 8 years now. I have PCOS- diagnosed at 16, now 31), but am the "thinner" version of it. Still have the typical signs though- inconsistent periods (which are actually a result of break through bleeding and no ovulation), hair growth, etc. I have been tracking my cycles for years and notice that my temps never really rise (meaning no real ovulation signals, no ovulation). Started taking Ovaboost and Fertilaid- 2 fertilaid (morning & night) & 1 ovaboost (at night) for about 2+ months (my system absorbs stuff REALLY well, you may need to take what's recommended). I also used progesterone this month for a few days at about day 16. So, what happened? This month- for the first time in a tracked cycle ever, my temps went up! Then, after the "right" amount of time I started getting a period! I'm super excited for this, as that likely meant I actually ovulated! Additionally, my breasts hurt and I had horrible cramping for 2-3 days. You wouldn't think a person would be excited about that- but when you start to have symptoms of being a normal girl for a change, that's great! Just keep ibuprofen & heating pad nearby. My cycle was much more "normal" now then before also, only a few days instead of weeks when it would occasionally come. I also get hormonal palpitations, and they were so much less this cycle, that alone is worth it! Looking forward to seeing what the next few months hold for us! Will update again down the road! Give it a try, be consistent, eat less white products (sugar, bread, potatoes), don't stress, exercise more, pray, and don't give up hope. All fertilaid products take time to build up in your system, give them that time. I'm not very consistent at exercise or eating a ton better, but I try, and I was consistent in taking these supplements.
  • DSeverance - Great TimeCapsule RepalcementThis item is almost twice the size but half the cost of Apple's TimeCapsule option for backups for Macs. I am thoroughly happy with this device, but do note it can be a little loud. Only downside is there is no built in wireless option for backups - but that is not THAT big of a downside because backing up 4TB over wireless is just... crazy... and would take forever. Got the item for around $150 and would recommend again.