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  • Armor and Sword "Armor and Sword" - 164 minutes,thats more like it.I was there and it was fantastic.Anybody that was there,and ALL RUSH fans will want this DVD.My only problem is........60 minutes long??????Can we get this verified,that this will be the full length concert,and not only an hour long.If its only an hour,that stinks,if its the full concert,then I give it 10 STARS.I have been told the video will be 164 minutes long,it will be awesome.
  • birdlover - It REALLY does shorten time from outbreak to healed!!!I've had cold sores in the past, usually 1 or 2 outbreaks a year. I just woke up last Wednesday (day 1) and had a swollen, tingly upper lip--yup, another outbreak. I went and picked up a tube of Abreva at a local drugstore in a moment of desperation on Thursday (day 2), as I'd never tried it before, but figured since it was around $20, it must do something. The swelling was noticeably better after 12 hours! By Saturday evening (day 4) all that was left of the outbreak was a red spot where the blister had been, with no more weeping or swelling. This stuff REALLY WORKS!! No, it's not a cure, but it made my outbreak last only 4 days compared to a week or longer just trying to get by on OTC lip moisturizers or Neosporin (to prevent a secondary bacterial infection). I'd definitely recommend this stuff to anyone with cold sores. Now that I have my little tube, I'll be ready to try it immediately when the next outbreak starts. A miracle in a tube and worth the price! Remember to wash hands before and after applying the cream. Rub it in gently and the white will not be noticeable at all.
  • Jonathan Whitman - A workout for the ADD people out there.I truly enjoyed going through this program. It works!
    You never get bored because every day is different. That is great for demotivated ADD people like me.

    You never feel like a failure, because as the instructor Tony Horton says: "Do your best and forget the rest!"
    I rarely did 100% of the requirements. I was simply not physically able. ("X stands for extreme). Yet within a week there were noticeable differences!

    It gave me clear goals: 90 days to get my body back in shape. It actually helps the quality of your every day life: I can run faster, jump higher, bend down better, even minimize my blind spots when driving by giving me more flexibility in my neck!

    If you can afford it you won't regret it.

    My only warning...follow the posted warnings. If you are prone to injury be careful especially in the weight lifting videos.

    Take a break from whatever sport or workout you are into. Take the 90 day challenge. When you go back you won't recognize yourself, and other won't either!
  • E. Bourgeois "Weeshanti" - And I thought I was the only one...Getting that ring is amazing, but when the panic hit I thought I was doomed. A friend recommended this book, and I can't say enough about it. Nissinen speaks to all the fears and concerns all (or at least, this one!) brides experience but usually don't understand. A must-have for every bride-to-be. Put in on your shower wish-list!