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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" - Versatile table wine that can be served with practically anythingI like to preface all of my wine reviews with the disclaimer that I am not a wine connoisseur. That said, I am reasonably knowledgeable about how to pair wine with food because my passion is cooking and I want to select wines that truly complement my food.

    This is one of the most versatile wines in that it goes with any food that you would normally serve with a light red wine, but it is also one of the two reds I have found that pair well with foods that are traditionally served with a white wine. The other one is 2010 Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese. However the key difference is this Beaujolais does not have that explosion of fruit that the Sangiovese has, which does not distract you from the food. In that respect I opt for this wine when I want my guests to focus on the dish with the wine unobtrusively enhancing it.

    To be sure, there is a lightness and fruitiness to this wine. That allows it to work well with seafood dishes or a light cheese and fruit plate on a hot day. One dish with which this pairs beautifully is country style French onion soup in which the only ingredients are butter, onions, a touch of sherry or Chardonnay that is seasoned with black pepper and sea salt, and served over a baguettes with Gruyere cheese baked over it.

    This wine also pairs well with a dish like steamed mixed shellfish that is almost always served with a white wine. More importantly, this wine has paired with every cheese I've paired it with, from a simple Brie to a grilled Raclette Suisse Classique to one of the stronger blues like Gorgonzola.

    A word about Beaujolais: This one - Beaujolais-Villages - is classified as a vin de pays or country wine, which is a cut above a common table wine. This class of Beaujolais is not as heavy or as complex as Cru Beaujolais, nor is it as boring and one-dimensional as Beaujolais Nouveau, which I avoid.

    This particular brand, Louis Jadot, produces excellent wines in all categories and is my personal favorite for Beaujolais-Villages and a few other wines I serve.
  • Debonie C. Enge - LOVE ITI purchased this for better health. These pills are amazing. Starts to work after 8 pills taken. I would recommend using this product on your days off, because it's hard for your body to stop. You'll have to let the pills run its course, but you will feel 10 pounds lighter. And do not forget to drink water. You can become dehydrated.
  • Mathew J. Binkley - 3 weeks in and loving it!I'm three weeks in. Not going to lie, if you give it your all, it's going to *hurt*. For the first week you're going to feel like a head-to-toe walking bruise. But I've gone from 3 pullups to 8, and have dropped 3 lbs already.

    The workouts are so intense you will almost flinch at doing them. But every time I feel that way, I go look in the mirror, and then I go do my P90X. Tony brings it. I'm looking forward to seeing what a year of it will do.
  • Wendy - Love love love.Love love love this chair. Kind of wish I hadn't bothered with traditional high chair as it's not necessary if you have this - you'll still need a 'toddler' chair for when they're stable enough to sit in a chair without being strapped in (and they want to climb on and off a chair themselves, but are too small to use a regular chair), but this is fantastic for babies who are able to sit up and want to be part of the action. Ok, so it's not ideal for the first couple of months where they're still pretty tiny and you want them to be directly facing you while you pour gloop into their tiny mouths, but it could be done with this as long as they can sit up a bit (but just use a bouncy chair if you have one if you want to avoid the dirt-trap of traditional high chairs; it's only for a few weeks..)

    What I love about this chair is the comfort for baby - we've previously used a borrowed Phil&Ted's chair which is a similar design, but the back of it is a bit lower (right in baby's back) and it's basically a metal rod (i.e. uncomfortable to sit back against!). This one has a raised back so it's at shoulder-blade level giving more confidence that baby is not going to bend backwards too far when trying to avoid a spoonful of food, but it's also really padded (i.e. comfortable!). The Phil&Ted's model is also basically a sling of fabric, whereas this one has a proper seat pad (more comfort) and baby can squiggle around more on it like a regular seat (I personally don't like sitting in sling-type seats as the backs of my legs go a bit numb - why would I let baby suffer like this?).

    Another great thing is the carry-bag that is actually attached to the chair - it folds away into a pocket when the chair is being used, so it's not a pain to have around - it just means that you don't have to hunt all over the house when you need it or find somewhere to store it safely. It's also got a fairly big pocket at the back of the seat where you can stash a couple of bibs/spoons/toys, etc while you're out and about.

    So I now have a plastic highchair (total pain to clean, avoid if at all possible), a wooden highchair that converts to toddler seat (Keekaroo - love this one too, for different reasons) and this chair - and I had them all out when I had a bunch of friends with babies round for a playgroup. When it came to lunchtime, all of the chairs and my stroller were being used to seat babies. One week later and we're at someone else's house and she's bought exactly the same Inglesina chair (blue/brown option - very tasteful, non-gender specific, not too baby-ish and blends into any colour scheme) and then another friend brings one she's bought too (navy/navy option - too dark for my liking due to potential for yoghurt stains). At least 3 others from the group are probably going to buy this chair too, it's so fabulous and well-priced.

    Forgot to mention - another reason I love it is it's so easy to keep clean - I just use a baby wipe after every meal and all of the gloop comes off and there's been no issue with staining at all - I'm aware that you can wash the cover easily, but haven't had to even think about that yet as the fabric seems to be immune to mess.
  • Marie T "Loves2Read" - Love it. Convenient. No more plastic waste!!!!I bought this for my sister who likes sparkling water. I am the shopper in our house and really hated buying so much plastic to support her habit. Well.. my sister loves this thing. Water when ever she wants and no extra plastic bottles. It easy and the water is delicious. We got a sample pack of flavors and they are all better than their counterparts. Really good. The essence flavors are a clean spritzy water flavor--lemon, lime or raspberry. Also very good. The system is easy and the water is fizzy even after a week or more in the fridge. Really convenient, really easy to use. I found the refill cartridge at Staples for 29.92. When I bring a cartridge back for refill--should be cheaper with exchange. I bought an extra pack of bottles so we can have different flavors and the water does need to be refrigerated before adding the co2. We keep the plain water chilling ready to go when we want to add spritz.
    I could not say enough about how many plastic bottles we are not bringing into our house and a product that is truly yummy.