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  • M. THOMAS - Almost Perfect!I have the B- Safe/ B-Agile travel system. I've had it for 3 months so I've had a good chance to try the stroller out. This stroller is super lightweight, I can lift it in and out of the trunk with one hand easy. It is compact, I can fit nicely down any narrow shopping isles - plus it folds up like a suitecase. It is monuverale, rides like a dream. The shocks and wheels make for a smooth ride for baby even on gravel and dirt roads. The canopy is great, the air vents are nice in the summer. It works well with the B-Safe car seat. One of the best features is the bar at the back of the stroller is curved so people with long legs or long strides won't kick it when they walk.
    The only negatives are the basket at the bottom is very small and the lack of a cup holder or storage BUT I just bought the Britax stroller caddy and I love it it holds a lot and it folds right up with the stroller when your done. So just an extra thing you have to buy not a huge deal.
    Just to mention this- I don't think I would buy the B-Safe car seat again. It is really really heavy and awkward and the baby is not very comfortable in it. I think I would just get the adaptors and a different car seat to use with this stroller.

    **After 6 months- We love this stroller even more! My 6 month old can now sit in the stroller without the car seat and he really loves it! The best feature is the reclining back, it can be moved to infinit positions. If he is awake in an upright position and then falls asleep all you have to do is pull the straps behind the seat to the laying position you want and it doesn't desturb baby! So great! Highly recommend this stroller!
  • Dr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant" - Women included only with top 1% of bindersThese binders are great but mine arrived without one single woman in it! I wonder if those women in Mitt's binders are the ones who held jobs Mitt/Bain sent overseas, Mitt's banking buddies foreclosed on their homes and his Wall Street buddies took their pensions and other savings so they have no place to live other than a binder? A binder, no less, that they can not even afford for themselves but have to live in one owned by a top 1% male? The binders are just full of those women that are not good at fiscal/financial responsibility and have to have housing provided for them because they can not protect their assets and themselves from being taken and controlled by the top 1%. They were tricked into having their attention focused on protecting $10 from going to vets for food and grandma for medicine while their homes and savings were being stolen. The difference between classes just keeps getting wider. Romney hopes someday to have 99% of all people in his binders.
  • Esther Kraus - Inspiration For AllThis book written by Sheryl Berk and Bethany Hamilton explains and tells the inspiring tale of Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton. Bethany lost her left arm to a 15 foot tiger shark, on Halloween morning of 2003. This is not the first time I have heard of her story. but it is so inspiring that I bought this book. I've read it over 4 times, aand it never gets old. It spreads a good message about God, trusting Him, and having faith. It is a great read for everyone in the family, has touched the hearts of many, and have inspired millions. So if you pick this book up, buy it. If you don't like it, that's alright also. But this story has inspired me, has brought me closer with God, an I have more faith. If I had to give it a rarting out of five stars, Bethany Hamilton earns ten.
  • L. Murray - The Best Book of the YearIn the past year I have been very lucky to read some great fiction. Just this summer I thoroughly enjoyed Arcadia, Where'd You Go , Bernadette, and The Cuckoo's Calling. But The Beautiful Ruins just surpassed all of them. This is, simply put, a wonderful novel: the story is endlessly engaging, the characters are complex and interesting, and the prose is beautiful. I now want to read everything Jess Walter has written.