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  • Daniel P. Tracy - Fantastic but could have gone lowerBest thing I ever bought. Sounds odd and sorta lame but honestly It is amazing. I have had google TV but it had too many restrictions. This product worked way better. With just a little research you can find some adult channels that are crazy cool. Also you can get every local channel and some great random channels. I am so happy i replaced my cable with this. best thing I ever did, saves so much money.
  • Nick M. - MMMMMM GoodI have a rare phobia of buying milk from stores. It's the damndest thing. The doctors don't even have a name for my disorder.

    Thank goodness for Tuscan Whole Milk. It's 128 fluid ounces UPS delivered joy. I'm eating Lucky Charms (R) right now.
  • Janet - Now I Am Fully ConvertedI bought my first Apple iMac a few months ago---decided to make the switch based on the Microsoft 8. Figured if I had to learn something new, I should probably move to Apple and get something with a proven rating and all my friends were raving about. So, after I got down the basics, I needed Office for Mac to transfer all my previous files. I purchased the download version and it worked great--no problems and up and running within 15 minutes total. Very happy with it and I like to view of the screen better than the regular microsoft version. Highly recommended for those with Apple and need Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • G. Tapp "Gtapp" - Excellent GPSI am really happy with my choice of GPS. I don't use it a
    whole lot but when I do it really works nice and is perfect
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    It is much better than the Tom Tom I had prior. I but it
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