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  • John Coffey - Impressive Marketing

    What impressive marketing! Proof that you can put lipstick on a Bulldog and make people notice. Someone at Denon has some big stones or is desperate to hit their second quarter numbers and make their newly adjusted mortgage payments on their Pine Brook estate.

    I don't know jack about the product, but that isn't the point. They are selling status and ego gratification, not something that is of any real, intrinsic value. Good job Denon, you know your customer base well.

  • R. Evans "Ryan E" - Great Family Tablet

    This little tablet is a power house! While it may not have the functionality of a iPad, it is great for watching movies, reading, and playing games.

    When taking long road trips my kiddo has used it as a way to keep himself entertained.

  • David L. Laidig - Nice glasses for a fair price.

    Wow these things are GREAT! They are so much better than what came with the Sammy. They are very comfortable and they are rechargeable with the standard USB mini. Is the performance better that the stock ones??....nah I don't see that. They are just way more comfortable if you need to wear glasses under them.