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  • E. Miles - "They Fired The First Shot" - is a wake up call to "WE THE PEOPLE" of America!"THEY FIRED THE FIRST SHOT" is a real eye-opener and a "WAKE UP CALL" to all American Patriots to IMMEDIATELY act to save our Country and all that we hold near & dear. It is a "call" for Christians & all "believers of God" to return to their faith & to immediately start practicing God's teachings.
    "THE POWERS THAT BE" using early 1930's Nazi tactics of Adolph Hitler are of particular interest! The "ENABLING ACT" of Hitler appears to be in motion and used to render Congress useless. Elected officials have absolutely no power to STOP what is going on, OR so they think.
    Hitler stated something like - "The future can be controlled through the youth. If you mold the young minds to the direction you want, that is where the Country will go. Truth & History will not be taught."
    It brought to mind what OHIO youth were told at a 2013 Commencement speech -"DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE VOICES WHO TELL YOU THAT YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST GOVERNMENT!" WOW!!!
    What millions have been thinking is actually in print & sweeping across the country, opening conversations with people like never before. Thank GOD for the author of "They Fired The First Shot". And, thank GOD for the Constitution written by our Founding Fathers! We do not want it changed!
  • Marisa Moritz - EXCELLENT REFERENCEI have used this pocket reference for years and though it does require some "reading" glasses for small print, I don't mind because the information in it is so good as to the latest guidelines for treatment of so many diseases. I love that it offers medication alternatives for those with drug allergies. It is small and compact and fits in my white coat pocket. I know am giving the proper treatment when I use this guide.