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  • jb9217a - I really want to give this 4.5 starsI really want to give this 4.5 stars12pm today 1/20/2012. I was super excited but honestly really nervous from all the hate this tablet has been getting on xda. Regardless i decided to take a risk and get this, since I had been eyeing the original transformer since its launch last year.

    1) Form factor: This thing is SEXY, and I wanted the champagne but I have no complaints baout the gray. It is light and thin but very comfortable to hold and very solid feeling.

    2) Display: Man this thing has a great, vibrant bright display. my unit had really minor light bleed, barely noticeable and only in the boot screen.

    3) Performance/Graphics. Comes preloaded with Glowball and Riptide GP demo, I definately showed it off to my partner who was very impressed. I played around with Android 3.2.1 for 2 hours just so I could experience the difference bewteen ICS and HC. Then I upgraded to ICS...wow this thing got smooth, it was already mostly smooth before but the browser was a night and day difference and the keyboard with swype is nice.

    Only have one right now and its Asus'big problem with the TFP..Wi-fi and GPS. I don't care about the GPS but I was really sad to see that my unit didn't even find a satelite let alone lock onto one and Wi-fi was on... :(. I could live with that really, even though it is advertised on the box (deducted 1/2 star)

    What really ruined my day was when I went downstairs with my TFP. I was super happy with it when I was laying on my bed upstairs which is maybe 8ft from the router. As soon as I went into my dining room and walked into my kitchen (20ft from router), the signalwentfrom 4/4 bars to 2/4. I HAVE A BRAND NEW ROUTER that is top of the line...the good news is that when I went to the basement (30ft) it stayed at 2/4 bars. I could still stream HQ videos at this signal strength but my iPhone and my partner's Atrix both register full wi-fi signals. (-1/2 star)

    At this point my enthusiasm is more tamed, I am already loving this device but the Wi-fi may be a dealbreaker. Perhaps I have a defective unit...regardless I plan on taking this to my university and testing how well it mages the wifi there and will go around town to various starbucks to test too. If it turns out to manage well I plan on keeping this device and upgrading to the TF700T in 6 mos, if not I will RMA/exchange and try one more before I give up and try a different device. the problem is there really is no device on par with this on specs as of now... Asus really has something here

    UPDATE 1/21: I ended up downloading the speedtest.net app on my TFP , my iPhone 4, my laptop and my friend`s Atrix. My TFP outperformed my iPhone and Atrix at all three locations in the house sometimes by a lot...it was comparable to my laptop, but a little worse. This morning I tried the test from the first comment below and got similar results, even in the basement at its farthest from the router the signal showed as excellent. I will test this out at my university and other places and if this stays consistent i willdefinitely keep this so far I am happy!

    Oh and GPS randomly started to work as well... still not too good but it catches 6 to 8 satellites and looks on 5 to 6with WiFi on,i found when WiFi is off i get the same amount in sight but it doesn't luck on it locked onto 4 satellites twice but only for a few seconds.

    In response to the second comment I find my TFP to be really fast and smooth like my iphone 4 but I have noticed a glitch once and in certain apps it gets laggy....overall im happy with it since I am not the biggest fan of Apples tactics either

    UPDATE 2:The Asus Mycloud app is amazing i can access my laptop remotely while on my tab which means access to all my files and to Microsoft Word! It also works very smooth without any hiccups. Also the webstorage app is cool i out music on it and can access it on my pad...this thing keeps getting better.

    UPDATE: Just got my keyboard dock today and I love my Prime it is perfect besides the GPS which functions but barely..I LOVE the keyboard dock :) I've tested WiFi ins several areas and it works perfectly :)
  • windword - Very nice tabletVery nice tablet. Pleased with the performance. Fast internet speed. Great value for the money. Arrived quick. Do recommend Samsung tablets to friends.
  • J Reinhart - Feature rich, portable and versatile!Simply put, this is truly a great camera. I have been following Fujifilm's progress in the HS series since the HS10 and they have constantly improved upon the previous models. Sure, some things have changed, some maybe not for the better (people have mentioned a sturdier battery/memory card compartment door in previous models, and the arrangement of the buttons is different), but really, if you take care of your device, nothing's going to break. I find the build of good quality, even if it's a plastic case. It does not feel cheap.

    The main improvement is the lens and the now easily accessible manual focus ring. If you had an HS series camera before, you will feel at home with the setup. I find all the controls are easily reachable, the menu structure is clear; the (Q)uick access button is very handy and allows you to adjust every major setting - that allows to be adjustable in the chosen mode - very fast. Although I generally avoid automatic modes on cameras, the EXR Auto mode is definitely worth a shot. I managed to take a picture of a lady bug, which had strategically placed itself in a thorn bush's most inaccessible part, in that camera mode, where (semi-)manual settings did not cut it.

    The image quality is very good for a (technically) point-and-shoot camera, and a lot of times the images reach DSLR quality even without postwork. Make no mistake though, this is NOT a DSLR. If you expect the same quality of this camera, you will be disappointed, and reviews along those lines can be disregarded. The exposure time is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds (or less, depending on the chosen mode), there is no adjustable DOF and the f-stop goes to a maximum of f11.

    On the bright side, you are getting a highly portable, well-built device with a huge range and plenty of nice modes and features. As part of your purchase you definitely want a UV filter and polarizer (58mm), additional batteries and I definitely recommend a tripod and remote shutter (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00COVYFB8), because this camera does take great night shots, too. The zoom range even allows for stunning images of Earth's moon!

    I found that the camera takes better pictures if you do not zoom right the way into the 1000mm (42x). It also doesn't handle twilight overly well, but I'm sure I'll eventually find a good setting for that, too. It does excel at daylight shots and at night (with Tripod preferably). The up to 16fps (11 at full resolution) are marvelous and it really does portrait pictures very well using the (Adv)anced mode's portrait setting. Absolutely incredible from my perspective, especially at round 80mm focal length.

    Problems other people had with a focusing issue I did not experience. If you use the little dial to the left of the camera body to set the correct focusing mode ((S)ingle, (C)ontinuous or (M)anual), then you will get clear, sharp pictures without a problem. Tests have shown that the camera focuses in under 0.2 seconds and I definitely concur. I haven't timed it, but it's fast! My wife takes a lot of reference photos for her charcoal paintings and especially when taking photos of musicians playing guitar, the 11 fps really start to shine, especially in dimly lit rooms!

    The only hiccup I had was that I found a rather large piece of dust/fluff inside my lens after I ordered it (my wife's camera was fine -- we had ordered two) which happened most likely during the manufacturing process. Within 36 hours I had a replacement from Amazon (RMA'd Sunday evening, replacement arrived Tuesday by noon). No issues since.

    I gladly and happily recommend this camera to hobbyists and professionals alike, especially if you enjoy nature photography, portrait photography and enjoy close-ups as much as taking ranged photos. This is a camera that will get as close to a DSLR as you can imagine without the need to change the lens or having to carry a lot of weight!