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  • Amy Tanathorn "Follow me on Pinterest, too!" - Excellent Quality Umbrella Stroller Length:: 7:00 Mins

    This is a simple umbrella stroller, but made with quality materials. I like the thoughtful extra features on the Swift that make using it a pleasure and comfortable for your child. See my video review for all the details about this great little stroller.
  • W. Smith - Great Little Tablet For Home Or TravelGreat little tablet for home and travel. Battery lasts forever when traveling and recharges quickly with supplied charger and USB cable. Plenty of expansion with optional 32gb SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC class 10 memory card I purchased at a great price on Amazon.

    The forward facing camera has great resoluton for taking pictures and they look great. The rear facing camera is good.

    The quality of the screen is outstanding. Everything crisp and clear. You can also zoom the screen in and out with the flick of your fingers.

    My wife and I like this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet much better than any of the IPads...been there, done that.

    Because I use this tablet at home so much I also purchased the GMYLE Black Aluminum 10 inch Bluetooth Wireless Mini Slim Keyboard from Amazon when it was on sale for under $17.00. Has it's own built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cord for recharging.

    I also purchased a Samsung Universal Tablet Desktop Dock EDD-D100BEGXAR from Amazon at half the price Samsung wanted. This Dock is an OEM Samsung product. Works great when I use the tablet as a mini PC at home.

    Purchased the Samsung USB & SD Connection Kit EPL-1PLRBEGSTA from Amazon. Again the price was less than the price Samsung wanted and all the contents were OEM Samsung products.

    Both the Dock and Connection Kit connectors fit the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 connector perfectly and were easy to disconnect from the tablet.

    I purchased the i-BLASON Leather Case Cover in black that fits this tablet like a glove. All necessary areas of this case cover necessary to access the tablet controls and access points are available. This is a premium leather case and is well made. The case also comes with a good Stylus at no extra charge. This was also on sale at Amazon for under $12.00.

    This Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a great little tablet and my wife and I find ourselves using them much more than our laptop or desktop computers.
  • lovetoread - remarkableElizabeth shows her truly remarkable undaunted spirit as she endured through the unthinkable in a young innocent. Her love and testimony of God and never giving up was wonderful to read. I love the advice of her mother at the end, and I hope Elizabeth can
    have a truly fulfilling life full of true love and hope.