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  • Mark Limke - Terrific book. Just buy it.I'm just a dallier in video, but hate to do anything badly. This book, under $10 in Kindle, is a no-brainer purchase. It gave me a sense of confidence that I could make, well, videos that don't suck, and that feeling was just what I needed.

    Tbe book has so much common sense, stuff you could just figure out on your own if you thought it through and had a passion for the subject. But like most of us, my brain is wired for expertise in some other area. So having Steve spell it out and talk me through it was just immensely helpful.

    I read his tips, and the clear explanations, and then exclaim, "of course!" Exactly what I needed, someone to just show me the obvious stuff that I didn't have words for. Thank you, Steve. I hope you write more sometime, you do a good job.
  • Kevin J. McCarthy - wife loves itBought this for my wife for Christmas, and she absolutely loves it. Nearly as good as a tablet PC, amazing
  • kattichic - Great mix of mystery and thrillerThis is only my second book to read by Ted Dekker. I was very disappointed with the first one I read which was Immanuel's Veins. It almost made me not read Kiss but I am now glad that I did. Kiss is a great mix of mystery, romance and even a little thriller. I won't bore you with a synopsis but I will say that if you enjoy a good "who done it" book, you will enjoy this one. It is a christian book but not so much that you feel overwhelmed with biblical verse or prayer. I tend to be leary when I read christian books because a lot tend to focus on getting everyone in the story and the reader saved. So much so that by the end everyone loves everybody and everyone's forgiven and alls right with the world. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that! I just prefer to read something a little more along the lines of normal human behavior. In Kiss not everyone is a good person and it doens't try and hide the fact that there are bad people in the world who do horrible things. One of my main problems with Immanuel's Veins was how extremely sensual the relationships were. That doesn't happen in this book. Simply put this is a good clean book that anyone can enjoy.
  • Would-RVM245 "would245" - The best they can do without RogerAs a follow-up effort to the extremely lackluster Momentary Lapse of Reason, I really didn't expect much from the Division Bell. However, the remaining members of the band returned from thier 7+ year hiatus with a pretty good album. The music is typical Floyd, spacey and intricate with plenty of great melodic ideas that would have fit in perfect somewhere between Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon. The area where this album really misses the mark is in the lyrics (Read: Please come back Roger). There is an overall theme throughout the album, but it seems extremely forced and a little fake. It is almost like David Gilmour is trying to be as much like Waters as a lyricist, and the shoe just doesn't fit. Lyrics have never been Dave's strong suit, and even with the help of outside collaborators (including Gilmour's wife) the bitterness and overall feeling in the lyrics fails to even come close to the worst stuff that Roger has ever done.
    Musically though, The Division Bell shows that the band hasn't lost the ability to write a great song. Gilmour's guitar work is as good as it has ever been, especially on the instrumental "Marooned". In fact, I think this album better serves as a vehicle for Gilmour's playing and probably would have worked better if they just had Dave solo over the entire thing. Despite all of the negatives, this is still a great album. It just pales in comparison to anything that Roger has been involved in (both as Pink Floyd and as a solo artist.)