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  • Chris - Lost for WordsIt's not the Floyd that you're used to, but it's still quite good. It's quite a bit better than Momentary Lapse of Reason. Some think that it has a deeper meaning as well, I'm refering to the publius enigma. Look it up, it's sort of interesting. In any case I wpuld recomend this to any true Pink Floyd fan.
  • Jen B. - It works!I took the FertilAid pills for about 1 month after 8 months of casually trying to conceive. I also used the Clearble Easy Fertility Monitor, and I got pregnant within the first month! I would recommend this product for anyone that is trying to conceive, along with using the fertility monitor. It works!
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  • MFS "mfshermantank" - Visit Mitford -- you won't be disappointed!If you cry during reruns of Little House on the Prairie, you'll love this and the other four titles in the "beloved Mitford series." This is the kind of reading that diehard nonfiction readers scoff at: too soft, too sweet. But don't we all deserve to be touched by an angel once in a while? The Mitford series centers on Father Tim, an aging priest who ministers to the small by lively congregation of the Lord's Chapel. He is by turns fussy, funny, and faithful (the kind of faith that is simply there, not overdone, just a part of daily life). And Karon's gift as a writer is that she allows his story to unfold. We discover the characters and the subplots without the heavy hand of a writer who wants to ensure that we "get the message," and we're delighted in the process. Even if your usual bedtime fare is A Brief History of Time, I encourage you to visit this little town for a while. You'll come away enriched.