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  • emdillman - a great perspective of one of the most written about battles in our history.Col.Ralph Peters takes you into the battle from perspectives I've not seen persued before.

    He details the thinking from many points of view concerning Mead being given command just as the battle commenced. The hurried re-organization of the army just hours before going into conflict.

    Day one of the battle most write of Buford holding off the Confederates until reinforcements could arrive, of Reynolds being killed and other happenings East of Town. Col. Peters writes of the horrific struggle just North of town where the Germans were fighting two battles. They were fighting for their lives but they were also fighting for their honor and to rid themselves of the demons created earlier in the war where they had a reputation of fleeing the field.

    Day two when most write of Little Round Top and Chamberlain Col. Peters goes in depth to the tradgedy that happens when orders are not followed and the incredible loss of life that can became of that. Col. Peters illustrates the very real possiblity that if Longstreet had of been capable to immediatley follow up on Sickles retreat, the South would have won the battle.

    Day Three deals with the carnage created by the artillery placed on the left and right of the Picketts Charge. Real tales of artillery leaders and their men when confronted by conflicting orders from officers. Officers who had not had the time or ability to communicate a plan of battle between themselves, and if they had, how their individual egos prevented them from following any plan.

    All in all it was an extraordinary tale of an extraordinary place. I live in Oregon and have visited the battle 6 times. God willing I plan on going back this year. I have had the privilege of walking most of the battle site but this year plan on studying more fully both the North and South of town where I have in past visits studied the East and West.
  • Nicole Bernd - Renewed my Faith in SEOI have helped some local small businesses build their websites, and then helped them manage them on their own. I always suggested to these small business owners that they NEVER hire an SEO expert and just focus on building high quality content. This suggestion stemmed from the scammy SEO 'experts' that would approach me with promises of making it to the top ten using schemes like automated back-linking, hidden text, cloaking, etc. I didn't believe that SEO was a legitimate subject.

    However, reading Andy Williams SEO 2013 and Beyond was incredibly refreshing. He even says, "Do you believe your page deserves to rank above medical sites, where the authors are medical doctors?" This statement really impressed me. Google is the top search engine because it provides its searchers with amazing content and when these SEO 'experts' altered the results in my searches giving me crappy content I got upset. This is where Andy's white-hat strategies for SEO really impressed me. Get to the top of Google by providing your visitors true value instead of an empty spammy website!

    Basically I loved this book and highly recommend it. It is well worth the couple of bucks it costs. It is easy to read, succinct, and brilliant. He offers a lot of great tips without all the fluff that some authors throw in to add page count. Thanks Andy for a good read that upped my SEO IQ.