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  • MrsBurke84 - SO Helpful!!!I live overseas and have been traveling any chance I can get with my husband, so of course Paris was on the list. I bought this book to help in planning my trip as Paris is a big, overwhelming city with a million things to see. Rick Steves' book is the book to buy, he gives you where to stay based on your budget, where to eat, what to do and what to see base on the amount of time you will be in the city of lights! I don't regret buying this book and after the trip is all said and done it will be a great keepsake on my time there!
  • Ryan Sheridan - I really like the unit and performs very well.I really like this tablet. It is the first tablet I have owned. Easy to use and understand. Works at a quick speed and no issues with connecting with wi-fi hot spots. I highly recommend this product. Just don't buy the the Wireless Keyboard case from Samsung cheaply built!!
  • Jessica - Beautiful...Amazing people, amazing stories, amazing photography. All started by a guy with an amazing heart.

    The Humans of New York facebook page & blog were what really made me realize that every human we pass on the street has a story worth listening to if we can just take a step out of our own head for a moment.
  • Mike P. "mikep007" - PLAY BALL!!!!As an avid baseball fan and rotissierie player (22 years now), this is my all time favorite book. It's the only thing I actually pre-order every year, religiously. I also prefer it in paperback, despite the fact all my other books are in Kindle form -- it's simply that kind of book.

    If you don't know, this is a statistician's bible: it contains several articles on the state of statistical analysis then presents each team and over 2,2100 individual players. Each team section contains a few pages analyzing the team's performance and potential for 2013, and the players are divided alphabetcally by hitter and pitchers -- the last of the team section summarizes the manager's performance and includes minor league names and commentary as well. Each of the player section analyzes performance and offers predictions based on statistical analysis. Here's the best part: the text accompanying each player's stats is witty, insightful and just plain fun -- it's not dry but instead a good source of witty humor and observation from a qualitative perspective.

    First, from the rotissiere baseball player perspective, it's a must have. But be clear: it's not a replacement for all your spreadsheets or online data. It augments it. Your spreadsheets will tell you so-and-so is in for a big season and this statiscal tome will tell you not to get too excited. I've often found this book's predictions to be noticeably lower than other sources, but it's all because of the nature of statistical analysis. The best value for roto owners is that you can use it to doublecheck your draft strategy and check to see if you really like the players you think you do! I bring it to the draft and throw out the funniest sarcastic lines from the book.

    Second, any baseball fan will enjoy the articles and player notes -- while it's definately heavy on the math and prediction, the articles, team descriptions and player analysis are completely worthwhile, even if you don't give a whit about stats.

    Play Ball!
  • Chris Meirose "Big Chris" - I think I missed it the first read throughInitially, I think I missed some of the big picture from this book the first time through. I had the chance to see David Platt speak a few months after reading it, which caused me to go back & give it a second look. What I found there really resonated with me deeply the second time through. So my first read would've given it a weak 4 of 5 star, it is now a solid 5 of 5 stars.

    In short, Platt is calling us back to a biblical Christianity - living out our faith as it is instructed in the Bible, rather than based on our traditions and/or feelings. A bit different than how Francis Chan has been doing this, but with a very similar spirit and common end goal I think. Platt's is probably a bit more narrowly focused than Chan's vision in my opinion. Both are needed.

    Upon my first reading, I honestly chaffed a bit at what appeared to be Platt pushing some guilt on "America" for being prosperous. My second time through, and after hearing him speak, it is clear that I was mistaken. Platt's passion for the spread of the Gospel is challenging, inspirational, and infectious. To live as Platt (and the Bible) calls us is indeed to be Radical. That might mean some sacrifice on our part - but to God be the glory if we may be blessed with that opportunity.

    Platt challenges the reader in Radical to step up in a big way in living out your faith. He calls us to step forward boldly in partnering with the work of God to spread His Good News throughout the world.

    God continues to open my eyes and heart to the needs of the world around me, and Radical is another challenging blessing to help me move forward. I appreciate the holy discontent this book fosters in me. I further appreciate how he resists creating a cookie cutter process of applying this to our own lives. He stirs up the discontent creating the need, but then lets you find how to best meet that need in your own life/ministry. Some might want it spelled out step by step for them, but I think it would've been a mistake for him to do so.

    The final thing I want to mention that is worth noting is at the very least in reading this book, David Platt's passion for this subject is unmistakable. His heart comes through on every page, and for me that makes it ever more so readable. Passion is a highly underrated thing in writing a book, and in Radical he's managed to put it into words so that it might ignite something in everyone who reads it. Well done!