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  • Eric Kim "sportsbettor" - Diablo fans owe it to themselves to give this game a chance.I almost passed on this game after seeing all the bad reviews, I'm glad I didn't. I won't go into details about why I like it other than to say that if you liked Diablo 2 or 1, you will like this game. I mean it's the same thing with better graphics, better sound, more loot, etc. In other words, an improvement over the former.

    I get about the same types of loot drops as I get with Diablo 2. For people that are complaining saying it's impossible to farm loot, Blizzard had to do this to undermine the Chinese gold farmers. Otherwise they would completely control this market and monopolize the pricing. I hope Blizzard can continue to release patches to further undercut them and make the loot collecting a more level playing field.

    Once again, Diablo fans owe it to themselves to give this game at least a chance before bashing it.
  • Barboza Aleandro Jackson - My Asus TransformerIt keeps a lot of charge after I charged it, it's pretty cool but sometimes it's frozen often, I love it a lot, I got the keyboard every time I'm trying to put them together it won't stick, I won't go harder to break any of the part. Thanks for the Tablet I love it it's cool
  • Francois Demers - I wish my great-grandfather had read thisVery little of him was found after the collision.
    What remained that did not melt, we tried to have incinerated so we could disperse him at sea. To no avail.
    Thank you Captain Trimmer, icebergs worldwide are looking forward to the third edition.Titanic
  • Stacey G. Payton "Nikki" - Finally A Product that WorksI have tried the product a couple of times with several months of a break in between. This is my third try with the fat burner. Before, I was using it to relieve constipation and bloating. Now I'm using it to help with my weight loss. I need to lose 20 lbs. This is my third or fourth day, and I feel amazing. My stomach is going down. I have multiple bowel movements with no cramping or straining. For lunch today, I made my favorite club sandwich and could only eat 1/2 of it. I have noticed the past couple of days, my appetite has decreased. I have even lost a taste for dark colored drinks, including sweet tea. And I have always avowed never to give up my sweet tea. I'm loosing my taste for it. I have switched over to sparkling green tea by Lipton. I have read all about the discouraging news about ACAI, but for me, I've decided to not listen, but to use what is working for me. If you are researching a product to help you in your struggles to lose weight or deal with constipation, this is the answer. I struggle with both, and it works. It's better than the $40 bottle of colon cleanse I got from GNC.