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  • C. Mattstadt "Kingskid" - an inspiring read for Believers!The author is inspiring in his understanding of the Word of God, and his willingness to commit his life into the Hands of our Maker. I commend this brother in Christ's work to all who are serious about growing into a good and faithful servant. Living a life which is worthy of such great reward as the promises of God most challenging, regardless of one' s orientation. I need to read this book again, and again!
  • Sherrell Johnson - love itIt's just what I was looking for,easy reading and easy to understand. Small enough to carry around. Includes most everything you need to know about the medication and nursing care.
  • Kb "Kb" - Shouldn't have waited so long to make this purchase.Been searching for facial cream that works this well for a long time. This product is worth every penny!
    Light, easily applied, wonderful scent like a light lemon chiffon. Some reviews complained of scent, and that quality of product was inconsistent. Got mine from Amazon and can only hope quality remains same with multiple purchases.
    I had tried prescription face creams, (ones used for patients having radiation treatment) none helped with my dry, sandpaper feeling face. But Hope in a Jar has made my skin smooth and soft again, using twice a day I noticed improvement within first few days.
    Get it, it really is worth it!
  • Darren C. Morgan - Very nice ballJust played these for the first time the other day after playing Calloway Tour IS for a while. Much better feel plenty of spin around the green and very soft feeling. I was on a tight course so I was hitting 5 wood off the tee and it carried 200+ much better than some drivers in our 4-some. The ball did scuff a bit on a few mishits but I finished the 18 using the one ball and it still putted true enough to hole a 12'er on 18. I'm hooked. BTW I hit in the mid-90's so maybe not a great ball for the people who can make it go where they want all the time.