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  • Kathleen Y. Cochran "K Yvonne Jones" - Thief of your heartAll of the Maiden Lane Books are superior reading. I started reading Elizabeth Hoyt with the prince series, those three books are my re reads always will be. I add to those the maiden lane series.

    Winter Makepeace is a hero of heroes. He is complex and you never guess at the extent of his control until Isabel makes him break it, then he is free to be the total man.

    He is everything you would want a hero to be and more. Isabel has made mistakes and like most heroines thinks Winter is too good for her, too pure. Oh but they are perfect for each other.

    The story is there, the heat is there, the emotion is there, this book is a winner.

    Never boring, never trite, even though we see a lot of heroines that think they are lacking and cannot give the hero what everything, just being themselves is everything to the hero.

    Winter Makepeace is one of the greatest heroes I have read in a long long time.
  • Juan - Installed it in three different PCsPCs speed is still pretty good.

    It is protected all around.

    next time I will get the version for tablets too.
  • crimsonbanana - must be worth reading....."Just a note to the paid consultants who have been discovered due to the spike of one star reviews from brand new accounts, I'm buying the book thanks to you. The fact that you guys are being paid to do this tells me that the author is onto something. Just wanted you to know that we're on to you and your strategy is backfiring." - a reader

    Completely agree, buying the book.
  • Andrei Radulescu - These shoes are wrong for youI have never worn these shoes and I would never be able to wear them. I can however tell you these shoes are not good for you.

    If you have never tried these shoes, don't try.

    If you already reviewed these shoes and found then comfortable, you should know better. This is especially true if I believe that you believe these shoes would have been good for your mom.