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  • Seth Pilley - Keep this book closeSince becoming immersed in the world of Revit, this book has been indispensable as a source of information in my daily routine. Not only has "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011" helped me with the nuts and bolts of working with Revit, but also has shown me how to establish a productive workflow with Revit.

    For me, "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011" is an excellent bridge between textbook like tutorials and the real world. By showing how Revit changes and improves the design process by using real world examples, you can immediately see how the details you learned in class apply to the overall design picture.

    By encapsulating the details of "How" you use Revit within the broader picture of "Why" you use Revit the authors are teaching both the ins and outs of the software as well as helping the user establish a productive workflow that will make them, overall a more effective designer.
  • Kim Bronakoski - One Day ResultsAs soon as the cold weather hits I end up in an endless battle to fend off cold sores and this year was no different. I had received a free sample of the new Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360 about a week or two previously so I was already prepared for this outbreak. After washing the affected area all that I had to do was squeeze the little vial until the liquid medication went up into the tip of the touch-free applicator then rub on the area until all the liquid was gone. Within a few moments the pain was alleviated and by the next day I could see a visible improvement as well. My job involves working with the public in the restaurant industry so knowing that I could count on Orajel to save me from embarrassment was a great feeling and I will make sure to always keep these on hand.
  • Lindar - Life AlteringCaptain Trimmer uses this book as a gentle metaphor in how to deal with the big issues that may arise in any given person's life. Reading this book provides valuable insight into coping with the emotional turmoil such problems may cause. A brilliant self help book to help you avoid all of the "big ships" in your life. Thank you Captain.
  • Tami H. "Mom & teacher" - Great flying toy - one of the best flying toysOur 3 year old loves flying it. It worked after the first charge (27 mins), and is still working great 2 weeks later. She can charge and fly it herself. You don't really control it exactly, but she has gotten great at catching it mid-air and releasing it. The design is awesome, and the fairy is pretty. She's dainty and yet sturdy - and she balances well, and flies at the perfect height. When the batteries start to die, she flies a little lower than usual. It does not hurt if it runs into you (or your hand).
    Its one of the best flying toys we've seen. Usually they don't fly well, or break immediately, but this works. We all love it.
  • T.D. Orr "Dano" - I have worked in computer security for over 25 years and this is a great productI have worked in computer security for over 25 years and this is a great product. McAfee does it all. This product with web protection goes the next step especially if those who have teenagers. Filtering, virus protection and many other capabilities in my opinion makes this the best security product for home use on the market. Way too many people do not use firewalls and virus protection and that is a bad thing. The other thing that is really bad is the "click to make it go away user". Too many people just want warnings to go away so if given the choice of Yes or no they choose yes.