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  • D. Wright - Unlock the Hidden Artist in You!I love this book! It has given me insight as to why I was blocked as an artist, and what I needed to do about it to be able to express myself with my art once again! It's for artists of all kinds... writers, painters, actors, dancers, amateurs, hobbiests and professionals...everyone! I have bought it for my sister now who is a talented children's book writer and doesn't know it, and just needs to believe in herself a little more to start. This book brings out the artist in everyone. I'm grateful to the person who gifted this book to me, and I am returning the favor by gifting it to my sister. You won't regret this purchase!
  • pdx mom - perfect for curly hairi've been using this conditioner for about 20 years! lorraine massey, founder of devachan & creator of this line of products, was my stylist when i lived in NYC, and she introduced me to these products. simply put: they WORK, super well. rich & creamy, but not heavy. smell great, too. and they don't contain icky ingredients (e.g., sulfates, etc.). i use this conditioner instead of shampoo, on a daily basis. can't live without it!