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  • Erin in Indy - A Raw Honest BookI think this book should be required reading for anyone who calls themselves a Christian!!

    I cannot tell you how much I was dreading reading this book. I had read other reviews and just was not excited at all about it. But by the time I finished the first chapter I was hooked.

    This book has alot of raw honesty. An honesty I think some people might even take offense to. But if you call yourself a Christian, how can you argue with logic that says in America we are content with the comfortable version of God that we've created in our churches? How do you argue that the money we spend on a multi-million dollar mega-church with lots of added in entertainment for us, could have fed hungry children around the world? Or sent missions across the globe to spread the world of God? How many Bibles could have been handed out instead? And I love that he explains in detail WHY it is our duty as Christians to be doing these things...ALL OF US.

    This book really makes you take a hard, and I do mean HARD, look at yourself and what sacrifices you are making to make sure the unsaved have a chance at being saved!

    He really makes you question, "am I doing what God has COMMANDED me to do? Or waiting for someone else to handle the 'dirty' work so I can observe from a **comfortable** distance?"

    What I think I loved most about this book is that David uses direct quotes from the Bible to get his points across. It's not just his opinion. He uses countless stories in the Bible and also real life stories of people doing God's work.

    If I had to state a negative about the book, I think the ending was lukewarm. He sets up a "experiment" in the end, basically a guideline for the reader to follow over the next year. But I think it's unrealistic to think that every Christian is being called overseas. I understand the point he was trying to make, but let me listen to what God is directing me to do, please don't 'command' me to do what you *think* he wants done.

    But seriously, outside of that, this book was so eye opening for me!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
  • Shan Pao - It is truly outstandingASUS Transformer Prime TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)
    I placed the order on 4/6/2012 and got an estimate for May 8 - 10 delivery. I received it on 4/16/2012. My tablet SN starts with C3O. It came with ICS installed. I opened it and fully charged it right away. It is such a beautiful toy, I love it.
    In short, I have no problem with it at all. It is fast and the screen is bright and clear, my WIFI works as well as my 3 month old laptop (wireless N), and it performs better than my old one (wireless G). Down load "GPS Test" from Market, GPS worked well enough. I don't think I will ever use it, just curious. I also bought a Minisuit case from Amazon, it fits perfectly. I ordered a Stylus pen so I don't have the worry about the finger print too much. It has been a nice experience, so far.
    I remember Apple Iphone first came out, Steve Job could not get the dial tone with the phone at the product release conference. Apple sold a case to make it work. Enough people had faith with Apple that gave Apple a chance to improve. That was a beautiful story, and many people benefit from that. I think ASUS is a very good company, and produces very nice products. I am looking forward to see their success.