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Country: North America, VG, British Virgin Islands

  • David Rowell "" - The Definitive Guide to Whisky (and Whiskey too)This is the tenth annual edition of Jim Murray's indispensable guide to the world of whisky - and he really does cover the entire world, from New Zealand to India, from Oregon to England, as well as of course Scotland. Irish whiskey and American bourbon are both also included.

    The reviews are short, and come with a four factor score that totals to so many points out of 100. The comments are often quirky and I suspect some of them may have been written after perhaps one glass too many tastes; they have had me laughing as well as nodding in agreement.

    Although the reviews are quirky, it is interesting to note that very few whiskies score below 80/100. But perhaps that is just proof of the adage that there's no such thing as bad whisky!

    I've been buying this book since the second edition. I intend to continue buying them every year long into the future. It is a great value reference work, and if it saves you just once from buying by price rather than by quality (the two factors are totally unrelated to each other) then it will pay for itself immediately.

    Highly recommended.
  • Producer711 - It works! With a little more effort than described.The most important thing I can tell you about this product is it actually works!! I've had mole's removed via laser and the expense is huge. Though it totally removed the mole on the first visit Dermatend works too but requires a little more work. Dermatend worked great on smaller moles, but larger ones that have been around for a while took a few treatments, but again it works! The time and effort spent totally outweighs the doctors visit and $$$. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and to the point. Don't think you can get the job done faster by trying your own method. Thats what I did and it actually made the process slower. I will gladly recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of moles/skin tags etc...
  • Ken Wood "Ken Wood" - Little tube BIG resultsOk, I've read a lot of good and bad reviews on this product. As with any product like this you are going to have varied results. I just thought that I'd put my two cents in because I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I applied this cream just after the magic "tingle" phase. To be honest I wasn't expecting much. I've been disappointed a million times in the past with every other stupid cream that claims to reduce the healing time. I've tried them all believe me. But this one (for me) was nothing short of amazing. My breakout started on Friday and it is now Monday, it started as three separate blisters. Now usually those three (sometimes five) blisters start to converge.....making one nasty swollen blister. However after applying the cream all weekend (its now Monday) all three blisters are now in their healing phase. They stayed separate from each other and there is no swelling at all. It just looks like I have a dry patch on my lip. (Normally I would look like a freak at this stage like I had been punched in the lip would be embarrassed to be in public). So for me.... success, and I would recommend this product to anyone. This is the best over the counter product available. I know that's not saying much considering the crap that's out there but at least there is finally a little hope for sufferers.

    Its a little pricey, but I've spent so much money on all those little tubes of Lipactin that just dry up and sit in my bathroom. I found that this little tube was worth every penny.