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  • Stay-at-Home Mom "J.L.S." - Wives - You want that giddy feeling you used to have for your hubby? Buy this book for your husbands!Coming from a woman's perspective, this book hit RIGHT ON with the problems I was having being attracted to my husband. It actually tells men how to make their wives want them. It's written by a man, for men, and I appreciated that because the author gave examples with his own relationship with his wife on his daily interactions that work to help her lust after him. It made it much more concrete and real-life to us as the readers.

    Not only does the book talk about why I was feeling less attracted to my very physically fit, tall, extremely athletic, highly intelligent, well-maintained, loving husband, but it gave specific steps for him to take in order to make me go crazy for him again. I had no idea it was as easy as him becoming more of an alpha-male at home with me. I knew I wanted him to be more assertive in the bedroom and generally in our married life together by making more or most of the decisions such as where we're going to eat or what we're going to do this weekend, but no matter how many times and ways I tried to tell him this, it didn't seem to compute because he's so polite with me and that's how he showed me love. This book not only explains to a man why and how to be assertive with women, but also has anecdotes of the author's personal relationship with his wife on little playful interactions and flirtation that a lot of men like my husband didn't do and didn't think to do. The author was able to put into words and communicate to my husband in a fun, comical way, what I could not, in explaining what I really wanted and needed in a man.

    Be forewarned, the author sort of blames women for their unhappiness in the marriage and points the finger at women for helping to "create" men they won't desire. It wasn't until I read further, that I had to agree with him. I am one of those women who thought that by "training" my husband to do more chores around the house and by getting him to be more domesticated, nurturing and sensitive in our relationship, I'd be happier. Even though it's clear the book is meant for men to read, I couldn't help but read most of it myself. I decided to stop reading about 80 pages from the end because I didn't want to know, in advance, what alpha "sex moves" my husband may try on me. I love surprises! I must also say that just the act of reading the book turned me on to my husband more before he even attempted the new improved alpha-male with me.

    This book concentrates on telling you the truth and giving you common sense, logical solutions to the problems. It may not be what appeals to some women's sensitivities and feminist-minded viewpoints. In other words, it's not politically correct, but I liked that! I've read those types of books and nothing helped my situation. I truly believe my husband needed to be "de-programmed" from the feminist mindset he was raised in and made to understand that his instincts about how to take the lead and give a few orders as the head of the family with our kids as well as with me, while also showing me his love (which he already knew very well how to do, are natural and good for our relationship. Don't get the wrong impression. The author isn't condoning any kind of abuse or jerk mentality, he's just stating the facts - that most women want and need to be dominated in their sexual relationships in order to be truly content and turned on sexually.

    I plan on recommending this book to any and all of my friends complaining about their relationships / marriages. It really was a life-saver!
  • Lynn M. Bishop "lbishop43" - Organo Gold - Life SaverI found out last year that due to an autoimmune disease that the doctor discovered, I would among other things, have to remove caffeine from my diet. What...get up at 4:30 in the morning and hit the highway with no caffeine??? Then my homeopathic doctor recommended Organo Gold! It tastes great and gives me the zoom zoom in a natural healthy way. I recommend it to friends too. Actually, it is much more cost effective also, vs. the decaffeinated Kerig cups. Great stuff!
  • Al Bud - One of the best Anti-virusI have been a yearly subsciber of Webroot anit-virus for almost a decade. To date they are always in the top three if not the best rated protection on the planet. I buy then in three packs for all the computers I maintain. The company tech support is absolutely flawless and has fixed any issue with conflicts with applications quickly. Support responds quickly and on top of their game to resolve any issues. Recommend this package for any PC.
  • Bex Buckelew - Great place to keep women in their placeBefore Tuesday I had no idea WHERE to keep my women, but I do now! Thank-you binders. For years I had to search through paper after paper to find the right woman, now I can keep them in their place...and alphabetically too! If I want to call up Joan Doe I can and easy too....just grab the right binder and BAM there she is, saves so much time of relentless searches! I just have to have Joan home by four, she has to make dinner for the kids.
  • Utku Diril - Best of FloydI think this is the best Pink Floyd album ever. It is different from the old days for sure but definetely not a bad difference. When I first listened to this album, I just felt unbelievably amazed. It was the ultimate musical experience for me. It was the thing I have waited all of my life.Get this album. You won't regret. Be careful when listening to High Hopes because you may want to fly from your window to the world of magnets and miracles.