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  • Carly - very thought-provokingI began reading this book very cautiously, afraid it would be one long lament over being a woman- a woe is me sort of read. Much to my surprise, this book addressed the lack of effort on the part of both genders and inspired change and action in all areas of life- both work and home. Inspirational and refreshing.
  • Juniper "Juniper" - remarkable laptopexcellent performance for the price, very pleased with this purchase. Windows 8 and touchpad have tablet responsive features for scrolling or zooming in /out
  • Marrina Blanthorn - Scar tissueI bought the wand because my daughter had severe scarring from acne. The wand did wonders for it. The scarring is barely visible now and she has not used it for a month. I decided to see what it would do for me. I am a lot older than she and have scarring and wrinkles. It did wonders for the scarring, but not much for the wrinkles. I think it just matters what you are buying it for. I did notice that my skin cancer spot (that was trying to come back) stopped pussing up again... which is a good thing. I think the lotion used really matters too. I use aquaphor (behind the counter at the pharmacy).
  • Photographica - Very SatisfiedInstalled on a net-book running Win 7, and Vista machine, and a full size notebook running Win 7 Professional. Not the first first problem in any of the installs. I just followed the simple instructions and everything worked as advertised. I've been a Norton's Internet security user now for three years and am completely satisfied with its performance and security on all three of my computers -- even the slooooow netbook.