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  • Nichole89 - Wouldn't recommend for regular use, but still a great product!I've never used this product for 14 days and I probably wouldn't recommend it, but it works GREAT as a one day flush your gut sort of deal. I don't even take the 4 recommended pills just two pills and 8-12 hours later bam! It's not something that you have to sit on the toilet for 5 hours after you take it...but don't plan on being at work when it kicks in. Do it on the weekend. Again I do not know what it would be like to take 4 a day for two weeks, but I don't think that would be pretty! As for weight loss, don't expect anything permanent but it's a good start to a diet.
  • kathleen handal - Consistently.... addresses needs of medical clinicians throughout the world. I send copies to colleagues abroad! Better than any other gift. Bravo for being different and staying the same!