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  • Shinichi - THIS GAME IS AWESOME . MUST PLAY !I found that a lot of 1 star reviews here are not true because the people are not rating the game but rather rating the issue they had with the game. Yes, there were a lot of issues with logging in at launch but most of the issues seem to be fixed now.
    The game play however is amazing. All the quest, the story, and the cinematics are unbelievable. As a open beta player, I thought the game was too easy but I was wrong. The game does get a lot harder and even though I'm still in normal difficulty, there were parts that I was almost dying like crazy.
    Only played for about 5 hours so far but I'm totally hooked.
    Definitely the best game of the year easily.
  • M. Larsen "GadgetGirl" - Apple eaterI waited for 2 months for this tablet, and it was worth the wait. Screen is amazing, ICS is very zippy. The tablet is very thin, light, and attractive. I hate to put it in a case. I cannot wait to get the keyboard.
  • Maried - Best Meal Replacement/ Protein Shake I've ever tried.Awesome source of protein and other nutrients. My 11 year old son hates veggies and is desperate for a good diet. I mix a half serving of this with Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness and he is ready to go for the day. My family gets up at 5am daily and it's hard to eat properly. We all drink our Green Goodness/ Raw Meal drink every morning and we love it. I don't really get these bad taste reviews... what are they expecting a banana split?? I have done years of trial and error with meal replacements and protein shakes- my 10 year search (as a certified personal trainer is over. This is it!