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  • David Ruether - Great Stills, Surprisingly High-Quality VideoThe G5 is my fourth Panasonic camera (after the TM700 video camera and the LX7 and GF3 still cameras). All have had their particular strong points compared with the competition, with relatively few negatives. This camera came with the bottom-end version of Panasonic's numerous mid-range zooms, the earliest 14-42mm lens (which I did not need), but the body was about a dollar cheaper with it compared with buying the body without it, so...;-) I did a quick check on the lens and found it more than acceptable optically. The lens was good to the corners by f8 at 14mm and usable at wider stops, and it was good to the corners at f5.6 at 25mm and also at 42mm. I sold it to a friend to offset some of the cost of the G5, but I first pointed out the common problem with it of having rough zooming action. I had been considering the GX1, but the G5 was less money with the built-in 1.4-megapixel EVF compared with the GX1 plus its similar-spec accessory EVF, and the video specs were better for the G5 (28Mbps 1080-60p video vs, 1080-60i derived from 30p and at a lower data-rate). I have not yet shot much video with the G5, but the first clips appear to be quite sharp, not a common thing with still cameras that can also shoot video, even very high-priced ones. Bottom line: I like this camera! It is easy to grip securely, the controls are well-placed (and they include a zoom lever for use with the two Panasonic "PZ" lenses), the menus are easy to use, the eye-level viewfinder is excellent (and its characteristics can be adjusted independently from those of the also-excellent 920k tilt-swivel OLED rear viewing-screen), both the video and stills are of high quality, and the price was right.
    Highly recommended.
  • Renee D. - Pricy but very effective. Check Costco and Amazon both before buying.I used these after getting a water-borne illness while abroad and taking Cipro. Even after the initial sickness was cured, I kept having recurring awful stomach pains. My doctor said there wasn't much to do besides take probiotics, and recommended this brand in particular. I started feeling better after about a full pack, kept taking them for 3 months. Highly recommend. You can sometimes find them at Costco, but Amazon is often the best price.
  • Tracye Coleman - Sade: Bring Me Home Blu-rayI had the pleasure of attending her concert last year as I do every time the band performs and I know that usually they have a dvd of the concert to follow. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the blu-ray being as though I received a blu-ray player as a gift. I already have the Sade:Bring Me Home dvd.
  • J. P. Wiegand "nocturnecsh" - Deluxe Packaging? Or Just Lousy Web Designers?Though a long-time admirer of Pink Floyd music, I have to admit that my collection did NOT contain "The Wall". (I know: Shame on me!) So I finally decided to make the purchase and purchased the Deluxe Packaging Digitally Remastered version. I got ripped off! The shrink-wrap was labeled as such, but the web site description mentions 13 tracks for disc 1, and 20 tracks for disc 2, whereas mine has only 13 tracks for each disc. Where's the additional 7 tracks? The only thing I can figure is there is a mistake on the site and not the recording - you can preview (on disc 2) tracks 1-7 and 15-20 - a total of 13 tracks. Tracks 8-14 are repeat titles of 1-7, so that may explain it.

    The reason I purchased the recording was to hear "The Wall" - extra tracks or no. I'm disappointed that the extra tracks described on the site don't exist. But fans of Pink Floyd will LOVE the album regardless - and I do. The album is NOT meant to be played on an iPod, with cheap bud-style headphones, at 128bit or less. Put it on a GOOD stereo and CRANK it up! You won't be disappointed. Truly amazing!