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  • Ktsnowowl - Hat Trick!Another fantastic novel from the world's best historical fcition writers (IMO!).

    Once again Diana manages to make you feel like you are there, as the story of Claire and Jamie unfolds.

    Make sure you start it when you don't have to be at work the next day, because you wont be able to put it down!
  • Aubrey Houck - So far so goodA little background first (and perhaps some TMI)! I switched up my birth control pills about six months ago. Three months in, on my first period with the new pills, I got my first ever yeast infection. That was a bummer of a new experience. I first went to the internet to find a good probiotic for just such a problem (enter RepHresh Pro-B), and then ran off to my local pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. After two weeks and two different doctor prescribed treatments I still had the infection. This is when I started taking RepHresh. I figured it won't cure me, but it can start creating a healthier environment while I try to fix things. After another trip to the doctor it seemed my yeast infection had decided to take a turn into bacterial vaginosis. This time I got a BV treatment that began and ended with yeast infection treatments. All through my treatments I took RepHresh which really seemed to help calm the symptoms.

    After a month of treatment my infections were finally cleared in that last week. It's been just over a month now with RepHresh and I haven't had an infection or discomfort since. It even feels nicer. I plan on continuing with RepHresh Pro-B while I'm on these pills for the next year. They really helped soothe the symptoms of both infections and have created a healthy environment to keep infections at bay. I'm grateful that this has really been working for me; however, I will update through later months just to remain accurate on how well it maintains a healthy pH.

    A few things I found that help with *my* probiotic experience are: I take them after I eat, not before, so I don't digest them before they can get where they need. I also take them at the same time of day for consistency's sake.
  • C. L. OLeary - Finally, soomething to get excited about!This little fairy is so much fun. The charging information has to be followed - battery pack on, fairy off - then both on for flying. The off/on buttons are not clearly marked nor which way to put the charging cord in. I just looked carefully at the directions and will mark it somehow to make it easier for the kids (and myself) or supervise. Mine is working perfectly. Since it is a Christmas gift haven't let the kids try it, but I did get on my knees and I could still work it. I think anyone can work it to an extent, but it is knowing when to grab it to relocate it before it hits a wall that takes some amount of forethought and a little skill. You have to grab it from the side mid-thigh or it wll fly off. I have cathedral ceilings (flat not pitched about 14 feet or so) and I can definitely see the advantage because it does go all the way up there, but hasn't touched the ceilling yet. I have crashed it twice and no harm was done, but if it hits a wall or ceiling the flight is over so a small room, low ceiling may not work. Oh, and you cannot use rechargeable batteries - it takes six double a's.