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  • Bbsmith - Nothing but LOVE for my KINDLE!I cannot live without my kindle. I take it everywhere with me. I've had it since Feb. and I read on it constantly (about 4books a week). I haven't had a problem with it. One thing I wish it had for books is different folders to save books to. Its fast and clear and the perfect size. I wouldn't want a bigger one because it would be to awkward to hold while heaving and uncomfortable.. I could see getting a bigger one if you aren't going to use it a lot or if you aren't going to use it for long periods of time. For me...for reading...this is perfect. We are even thinking about getting our two year old twins one each for christmas. They love playing games on it.
  • NCS - think for yourself? sounds good to meIt's funny, i was recommending this book to a friend after reading Expecting Better a few weeks ago, and she asked me if it was the new book with all of the controversy. I had no idea this book was considered controversial! but sure enough when i looked at the amazon reviews i was shocked to see so many one star reviews. After reading the reviews, both positive and negative and the subsequent comments, it is quite clear to someone who has read the book that most of those that have given the book poor reviews have not, in fact, read the book they are "reviewing". While i respect those that are caring for persons affected by fetal alcohol syndrome, i think by not reading the book, it's clear they may have missed the point of the book. The book does not advocate binge drinking or even moderate drinking. It simply presents the information obtained via medical studies. Oster is more than qualified as an economist and expert in statistics to review studies and determine their merit. In fact, she is more well prepared to do this than most physicians. Most physicians take one or two graduate level statistics classes. This is not to say that physicians do not know about medicine, but that data interpretation (even involving medical research) is not their area of expertise (it is, however, Dr. Oster's). This book merely advocates thinking for oneself and making informed decisions. I'm not sure how this could be a bad thing?
  • kinzie "buck" - awesome vacuumwe had the nicer model that was 199 dollars. this vacuum performs exactly the same way, however it does not have the additonal bare floor attachment, and does not deconstruct to a carry around canister, both features we do not need. These vacuums, and shark products are way better in performance, construction and fit/finish than hoover, eureka, dirt devel brands. They're smaller, lighter, and go together more tightly and securely than those brands. Plus, they're way more efficient, and pickup more dirt,dust,hair as well, more quickly and quietly. 1200 watts is perfect "horsepower" for the house, and the car.
    I could not be happier, and highly recommend this brand, and vacuum to anyone.
    I also feel this vacuum performs as well as the far more expensive Dyson brand, which I frequently used at work on occassion.