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  • D. Vera "wondermachine" - A Little Tickle of KnowledgeThe Best American Poetry series is like an annual gift that arrives to offer its readers an illuminating compendium of delights. The 2012 volume is edited by Mark Doty, author of the 2008 National Book Award winning Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems, and features work by an astounding selection of contemporary poets. Standouts are many in this fine volume that includes dependable wonders by masters like Maxine Kumin, Honor Moore and Richard Howard, and the innervating selections from poets Tracy K. Smith (whose line I cadged for this review's title), Fady Joudah, Stephanie Brown, Reginald Dwayne Betts, and Eduardo Corral. This collection with its myriad pleasures is a report card informing us that in 2012 American poetry is kind and honest and plays well with others.
  • jpbolen - Tentatively hopefulI too heard the pitch on a Dr. Oz promo and it resonated with me. So I taped the show, watched it later and decided I could commit 20 days of my life to try this program. I'm not overweight. I am at the top end of my range, post-menopausal and tired of being tired. I too eat healthy, don't eat out much, and am moderately active. What I am though is allergic to absolutely everything outside, most things inside and several odd foods, including, supposedly, chickpeas, which appear on the diet on day 3 or 4. Although, the doctor said I reacted to almost everything they tested on me. My allergies would cause my esophagus to seize while eating proteins, causing several embarrassing issues in public. My thought was that by following The Plan I could calm my system down and begin again to find out what were my triggers and learn to live a life with foods I knew wouldn't set me off. I started the week ahead of time with the water, MSM, probiotics, B-12 and Kelp (after determining low thyroid function). With that practice in place, I hit the health food store and stocked up on groceries for the week, wrote out the menu on one side and the recipes on the other side of a journal and began. I can't agree that the flax granola will ever become addictive, but I can deal with it for the time being and make it a twice-weekly part of my diet in the future. I do agree you can put the spicy-coconut sauce on anything and it tastes good. On day five of the program now and I've lost 3 pounds. But the greatest side effect for me is that I have taken no Prilosec for four days now. My acid reflux was so severe the doctors were going to schedule a scope next year. I knew living on large doses of Prilosec long term was bad. But even removing coffee and chocolate from my diet gave me no relief. Last night I had my one ounce of chocolate, felt a little twinge, but was able to sleep without any issues. My only real recommendation is try this, you'll feel better. And get the bound copy, not the Kindle one. It is a pain to transfer back and forth from the menu to the recipes on a Kindle.
  • Holly - I'm giving this 5 stars, but...I have been using Bare Minerals since 2004, and I have to say I am pleased to have not had to buy anything else for face coverage. This is what I don't like:

    - The packaging is horrible. It's making me not want to buy it anymore. It's just such a stubborn packaging and it spills, and sticks and doesn't screw on right. This not only delays time but stains your white counter tops with all the makeup that spills out. Maybe it's all marketing, make poor packaging to spill the make up so you buy more.

    - If your skin is a little on the dry side, make sure to use a primer or face lotion because it accents your dry spots, as it is a powder. And sometimes it can come on a little pale looking, so compare shades to get the best out of them.

    - The powder sometimes falls onto your eyelashes when you're applying above the eye, so use in moderation and blend it well into the brush. Don't use alot, you'll waste it.

    And now the good:
    - I think it blends very well with the warmth, bisque or any other of the Bare Minerals powders. It really keeps your skin looking natural with a healthy glow.

    - Does an above average job of concealing. You may have to reapply more than once throughout the day though.

    - I have naturally clear skin, and this doesn't cause skin irritation or breakouts. It doesn't clog my pores, and I could leave this on while sleeping if I have too. But I don't, I still want to wash my face. But it's nice knowing it's healthy enough for your skin and non liquid based.

    - The SPF 15 or above, great idea.

    All in all, this is a great product for the price and it lasts pretty long too (3-4 months). Even though I hate the containers, I guess it hasn't been a deal breaker for me yet, - though I hope they'd redesign the packaging soon.