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  • Valerie - Best Dressage Book, period!I have read most of Jane Savoie's books, own several of her DVD's and she is by far my favorite dressage expert. This book is a must read for anyone trying to make sense out of a very complicated discipline. I have been studying dressage for almost five years now, and have read many many books. After reading this one, for the first time I can grasp the concept of "riding a horse back to front". I only wish I'd picked up this book first.
  • Blux - SOOOOO GOODthis book is a great addition to the bookcase..... absolutely essential as a medical student to have something that has all the topics and pertinent info in the one place...... perfect for quick reference
  • Jorge G - What can I say.. It's office for Mac!First off if you have a Mac, you have thee best computer ever made!!
    This office for Mac works flawlessly, I have had no issues using this software. Being a college student and most people owning a PC this helped me share documents with no problems.
    I highly recommend having this on your Mac.
  • Dr. Bojan Tunguz - The most haunting novel I have ever readSet in the post-apocalyptic world, the story of "The Raod" takes us on a journey with a father and a son who are trying to survive and find a place more suitable for life. As the novel unfolds, we follow them through an extremely bleak and desolate landscape of devastated and destroyed America. The landscape is sparsely populated with other human characters, most of whom are dangerous and a threat. The food supplies are scarce, and the characters are constantly on a verge of starvation. The nature of the apocalypse is never spelled out, and in many respects is not consequential for the main thrust of the story. The main focus of the narrative is the personal story between the father and the son, and the lengths to which the former is willing to go for the sake of the latter. It is a gripping and haunting tale, probably with the most depressing overall atmosphere of any work of fiction out there. And yet, it is extremely hard to put the novel down, and given enough time it could conceivably be read in a single sitting. After having finished it, the characters and images have stayed with me for weeks. Which brings me to the following point: if you are squeamish and easily frightened, this may not be the best book for you.

    Before reading this book, I was only acquainted with Cormac McCarthy's works through their movie adaptation. However, this book left such an impression on me that now I want to go back and read his other novels. I also cannot wait to see the upcoming movie adaptation of this book. This is a true literary masterpiece and an absolute must-read.