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  • Othmar Hehli "OH" - Great little BBQ GrillI have used all kinds of grills, from Weber Kettle charcoal grills, to a Weber Genesis and most recently a Weber Summit. When I moved to an apartment that does not allow gas or charcoal grills on the balconies, I looked around to see what is out there that would work for me. I initially considered one of the Weber Q series electric grills, but I was attracted to this grill due to its cooking surface and additional top rack.

    Make no mistake, this little guy does not sear and cook like a $1,600 Weber Summit, but I have to state, considering the money I paid for this grill, it is an excellent BBQ. Like with every BBQ, one has to start off slowly to become familiar with it. Don't take it out of the box and think you are going to get some perfect steaks off it the first time you use it. I started with grilled veggies and chicken breasts, then sausages, burgers and so on. Now, after two months of using in on most weekends and at least once or twice during the week, I cook entire meals on it. If there is a negative, the lid is not insulated, and if the weather is cold or it is breezy, the grill struggles to reach the 400 degree mark. However, since I live in Florida, this is typically not a great concern of mine.

    The bottom line is, this is a well made grill that cooks well considering the money I spent.
  • M. Bennett - This book is excellent and covers most of 'man's' aliments with household remedies and pharmaceuticals to treat them.If one is not trained in first aid this book is very important for finding and understanding what is going on with many common symptoms. I feel this is worth having in the family library for a great reference to medical symptoms and basic cures. It is simply written, which makes it easy for anyone to understand. Full of drawings to help clearly present the points covered, and it is easy to research problems.

    I give the book an EXCELLENT rating for it's arrangement, which is important to find a symptom and cure, then it cross-references the symptom to every page in the book containing information on that symptom and cure.

    Even though this book deals with detailed remedies that are readily available to anyone anywhere. The book also has a section that names pharmaceuticals that MUST be obtained by a prescription in America! If one travels to a third-world country this reference may be valuable in diagnosing a serious condition and obtaining proper treatment. Especially if there is a communication issue with the available caregiver.

    This is not a detailed `survival' type book. It is more of a primer in most all of man's aliments and what (prescription) drugs are commonly used to treat them, along with simple remedies that may be tried.

    The title says it all. This book is most appropriate in third-world, foreign countries, that do not have the same standards as in America; in regard to restrictions on providing drugs without prescriptions to anyone. The book assumes that you are in a third-world country and you can obtain drugs without prescriptions. Such as:

    Injectable Penicillins; Ampacillin; Tetracyclines; Cotrimazole; Rifampicin' Diloxanide furorate. . . On and on with (US) prescription drugs.

    Overall, this is a great book for most first aid remedies.

    Another excellent book by this organization is "Where There Is No Dentist".
  • katew - Just plain awesomeI have had acne since my senior year of high school/ freshman year of college. I am now 23 and was so sick of getting zits. I have seen multiple dermatologists and have been on retin-a and antibiotics etc, nothing worked for me. It would just dry out my skin and my acne would always come back. My friend, who also has acne, and I decided to give this a try. It has great reviews so I figured "why not"?
    Best decision i have made for my skin.... ever. At first my skin dried out terribly and I thought I would react the same way I did to prescriptions, but IT GETS BETTER! The jojoba oil is amazing for flakiness but it takes a while for it to absorb into your skin (especially if you want to wear make up and cant put it on top of wet skin).
    I would say my skin started to clear after a week of using it. My first few days on it, as I said, my skin started to get really dry and I got 1 or 2 more zits but no cystic acne which is what I used to battle with. I have not had a zit since then. I have been waiting to feel like this about my skin for the longest time. It feels great :)