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  • stout25 - A Shocking Horror StoryElizabeth Smart beat the odds. She survived her abduction by this horrible man and his evil consort, suffering unspeakable acts of violence for 9 months. Elizabeth's faith and brilliant mind found ways to override the mental and physical torture she endured. This book is so well written, with its vivid detail of life as a slave to evil and life on the road as a vagabond, that I could not put it down, reading for hours at a time.
  • Darrell Messbarger Jr. - More than just doubt.Dr. Michaels' book reveals the motivations and follow-up actions of many industries who strive to protect their profits regardless of the impact on the nation's health. His story tells of the various industries' scientific and technical "whores" who sell their expertise to either create doubt about, or directly challenge the legitimate science that is produced for science sake - not profit.

    However, the underlying tale is far more onerous than the title expresses. It is not much of a stretch to understand that the nature of science is being seriously subverted. Science builds upon itself. All future work in the medical sciences will have to be cautious when using data produced by these charlatans. Some of that data will, in fact, be totally false.

    If this is allowed to continue, science will one day acquire the reputation now currently reserved for used-car salesmen, and streetwalkers. The problem is far greater than any of us would like to think about. Bravo Dr. Michaels.