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  • michael - Thank God, no more smoke detectorsLast year, I had to buy 10,000 smoke detectors and scrape off those little radioactive buttons to fuel my reactor that powers my Christmas lights. This year, I only had to buy a thousand of these little buggers. It was difficult arranging for it to be enriched, but these nice Iranians agreed to do it for a neat mil. The better news is that I won't need to refuel my reactor for the next 12 years.
  • Sandra L. Hasaan - The Kindle Fire HD 7" 32gb, the best for kids, peace of mind for adultsI bought this tablet for my son. It is excellent. I received the product in brand new condition. The pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend buying refurbished or used from Amazon. This is the second tablet I have bought from them used, and the tablets arrive in new condition. There are no scratches, dents, or any other imperfections. The screen is beautiful. The interface is very kid friendly. The 32gb version of this product gives plenty of space for personal files as well as amazon files. I also like the parent protection software to prevent unauthorized purchases. All of my son's books are now on his Kindle. We no longer keep or buy print books. It is excellent for the environment and we can have our entire library every where we go!
  • Charissa M. Welsh - LOVE MY PRIME!I've named her Aces, and I take her with me everywhere! This is my absolute favorite piece of tech equipment EVER, and I'm a major techno-weenie! My only problem was trying to inert a micro SD card. I put it in wrong and was afraid I would damage the machine. Other than that, it's light and fast and the screen resolution is fabulous! I watch movies on it, read books, and play games wherever I go. This tablet has been my daily companion. I can't say enough about how much I love this thing, but I'll stop now anyway.
  • BF Hawkeye Pierce - Cream of the CropI only had to listen to this album once or twice before it became one of my all-time favorites.

    I had not previously been a Pink Floyd fan. But I previewed the tracks here on Amazon and liked what I heard. I promptly bought the album.

    There is a reason The Wall is a classic; it is one of the best concept albums ever made.

    The best thing about this album is that it makes you think while simultaneously enjoying the quality music that it has to offer.

    The listener is taken through the exploits of Pink Floyd, who, because of several factors in his life, has become alienated from the world, unable to have a real relationship with anyone. Thus, he builds himself a symbolic "wall" that shields him from the world.

    One of the things that makes this a good album is the fact that many of the tracks are not very long at all. Pink Floyd is able to tell their character Pink's story without becoming too wordy or trying to over-explain what is happening.

    The music on this album is unparalleled. Short though many of the trackss may be, they are catchy, pleasant to the ears, and high-quality.

    A must-have for anyone's music collection.