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  • John W. Wenzelburger - Microsoft Windows 8 Pro - UpgradeI had mixed feeling about upgrading to yet another new windows but it was well done and worth the change.
    HOWEVER if you are happy with Windows 7 and don't like new things then don't bother. Other then the new desktop there is not much in the way it works that would make you want to change from windows 7. I use Windows 7 at work and windows 8 at home and once the "Metro" screen is gone I cant really tell the difference. there are some neat applications for the metro screen that might be worth upgrading and you are getting a faster operating system or it seemed to me to be faster I think this was more meant for tablet use but it works fine on a desktop.
  • JM - Feeling betterMy doctor recommended i try this probiotic because i was having severe problems with constipation. Along with exercise and drinking more water, this product seems to have help alleviate it. I was trying to get my dose of probiotics by eating yogurt, but this is a lot easier and gives me more per dose.
  • Pylon 1 - Still the best reference aroundThe World Almanac has always been the best almanac of the many different ones out there. It provides truly unbiased information on just about any subject out there, even on politics and government, which is difficult to find these days in our heated political environment. I may be a bit old fashioned, but I still prefer the Almanac in book form to any internet search out there, because you know what is in this book is factually correct and unbiased, and on the internet, you never know what you are going to get.