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  • ten96lt - Smooth Process; No Issues with Code.I needed access to Mymathlab due to a course I'm taking for school required it. The website itself was selling the code for around $85. I did a google search and saw Amazon was selling it for much cheaper. I then registered for MML and used the two week trial period to use it while waiting for the code to arrive from Amazon. Got it in the mail, went back to the site, entered the code with no difficulty and now I'm good to go. Basically got access to MML for a little over 40% off.
  • Therese Jernt - Lost 30 lbs. Simple swaps! Awesome!Have knee, hip and foot problems. Besides arthritis. Can't exercise til I get medical advise. Have no health insurance so not anytime soon. I have lost 30 lbs since 5/1/11. Posting this 9/14/11. (would have been Amy Winehouses 28th birthday). If I was any more sedentary I'd be dead. Smart,easy swaps make a huge difference. 30 lbs in 3.5 months and still eating what I like. AWESOME!!!!
    Bought all 8-10 books used, like new, on Amazon. All were New condition. Paid average $7 a book for all that would be $19.95 retail. All were pristine, new condition. And made me 30 pounds lighter. Also, Rocco Dispirito, Eat this now, cookbooks Rock to go along with these.