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  • Dylan Pilon - Another Fantastic Offering from CoulterI got my notice in the mail last week that I could go to pick up Ann's latest offering, and I could barely wait to drive down and get it!

    Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened up my package and found out that this novel had even more pages than the last to wipe my ass with.

    That night I consumed a five course meal, each course richer and more opulent than the last. I drank a gallon of Senekot and waited for the magic to begin.

    40 minutes later, I had finally lined up a fantastic date with Ann in my restroom. The force I exerted taking my mammoth crap was likely more significant than the effort it took for both Ann to write this novel, and for her Mother to get drunk and conceive Ann in a donkey punch-a-thon with Hitler.

    I'd highly recommend this novel to anyone with I.B.S, Crohn's disease, or people with dysentery they picked up on a trip to the Congo.

    Another satisfied customer,

    Dylan Pilon
  • Philologus - warm, lesbian medical romance at its bestThis is a wonderful, well-put together romance by radclyffe. It's a medical romance and as a former surgeon radclyffe makes all the medical aspects very life-like and convincing. Esp. the first two chapters are fun when she outlines the two main characters and sets them on their collision course to what will be ultimately a happy end. The road to this conclusion is bumpy, sweet, convincing and all what a romance reader may want. And the kids, esp. Callie are great to have - I esp. loved the little talk about birds, bees, girls and boys with Arly.
    Readers will meet again some well-loved characters of previous romances, esp. Honor Blake and Quinn of Fated Love, Jett, Linda, Robin etc. -- this is always an added bonus, but the romance can be well read as a stand-alone.
    Some of the settings and the way how the romance evolves remind me of Fated Love, but the whole romance is well worth between four and five stars. Good job!
  • Lizitta40 - Really a good storyI agree with others reviewers, the story is consistent and the thing that I really appreciate is that the characters are not hiding their feelings nor using twisted arguments for their behavior, they say what they think to the person who has to know it, not making intrincated plots to let the narration go along. So, in that way the story is credible and passionate, Mia is a well planted young adult that makes Gabe fall in love letting him heal all the wounds he had because of his failed marriage. On the other side, he lets her open to a whole new world that includes facing an adult life with a loving man at her side and a job that enhanced her abilities . The best of all is that the story begins and end in one book, that' s amazing because the trilogies, though exciting, find me carving so much for the next book and that's hard to survive, don't you think so?
    The last thing I want to comment is the one other reviewer pointed, Ms. Banks really has a wide language knowledge, that I appreciate so much being a foreigner reader who also want to improve her language by reading, that's really great and very wellcome.
  • Ethan E. Harris "Ethan E. Harris" - Very smooth and easy to navigateThe Good:

    I am taking a linguistics class and we've been using Audacity to manage our audio. But the audio I have is a clip from the 1950s, done on reel to reel, copied to audio cassette and then converted to MP3. Audacity couldn't deal with the clicks and it couldn't flatten out the highs. I was able to fix the audio in Roxio in about ten minutes. I was then able to save it in WAV so that my work wouldn't be lost in MP3. Very nice!

    The better: The ability to convert audio is very simple. I use Audials quite a bit, but Roxio is just as easy and less expensive. Roxio allows me to work with data files, audio, video, photo and it allows me to make audiobooks and directly output it to iTunes. It allows me to digitize analog (LP and cassette).

    The graphic windows are beautiful. It's easy to find what you need instead of hunting and pecking like in Nero. Video is for video and I don't use a different process for every different task.

    The Bad:

    But for ALL that stuff it does, it does not support Blu-Ray. In order to play Blu-Ray, a person must BUY the plugin from Roxio for $20! Are you kidding? After being promised the world of audio and video manipulation, you want me to buy the plugin? There's something just not right about that. The write-up on the plugin says that Roxio Pro includes Blu-Ray, but I couldn't get it to play without the plugin.

    Overall, Roxio did what it promised and more. It consolidated a few of my programs into one. But playing Blu-Ray will cost you extra.