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  • MamaC - Worked Great For Me!I received this as a free sample from Smiley360 and I was glad to have it set aside for the winter months. At some point each year I always come down with a cold sore and having this was nice so I could treat it immediately. When I did get the cold sore, I applied it immediately and was pleased with the product. For me, it worked faster than anything I has previously used and it was simple to apply, which was a plus. I liked it and have recommended it to several friends. Like I mentioned before, this was a free sample that was provided to me by Smiley360, but the opinions stated here were not biased by that. This product worked for me and I was happy to pass on what my experience was here.
  • M Indy500 - Excellent Item ;ADOBE flashThis is an excellent tablet. It is not a laptop, so you shouldn't compare the speed and processing power of a tablet to a laptop (I have both an Asus Republic of Gamer G750 17.3" laptop and this tablet.)

    This tablet allows me to view Microsoft Word files, Powerpoint, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF. You have to download the appropriate app to view these files. I suggest Kingsoft! A great application!

    Now, for you flash video fanatics! You can get flash video to work, but you have to realize that Adobe no longer supports the latest plugins for Android, so you have to do a work-around. There are updates through installation of an archived file from Adobe, but this doesn't always work. So, I found that you can use the following method:

    1. Go to setting, click on security and check the box next to Allow Unapproved Sources

    2. Go to internet browser, clear your browser cache, then type "" (exactly as written in the quotations) then press "Go" button or "enter". I scanned the downloaded file with Microsoft Security Essentials and it is clean. (install_flash_player_ics.apk)

    3. Click on the install tab

    4. Once installed, a box will appear with two options Finish or Cancel

    5. click Finish and your done!

    This should work with this tablet, because it worked with mine. Just follow the directions!