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  • Sonia Jane - Thank you Orajel!I have used Orajel single dose on two different cold sores. I applied it as soon as I could and one day after application my cold sores were just a bad memory. I try every new cold sore treatment that comes out and this is the best yet. No more suffering for a week. No pus filled sore followed by an enormous scab. One day of cold sore pain and then the next day I could barely even see it. So glad I now have a treatment that I can rely on!
  • Hipstr62 - Transform your Prime-al instincts!The Asus Transformer Prime is absolutely amazing! I never used to play games...however, with Nvidia' s new games specially developed for the Tegra 3 abilities, gaming has been taken to a whole new level and I find myself being drawn into playing more each day. The Quadcore processor is amazing and the most complex games play liquid smooth (as in Puddle). Of course, gaming isn't everything and few people buy a tablet just to play games. The ATP is also ultra thin and amazingly lightweight. The resilient Gorilla Glass is great for my ten grandchildren who love this tablet far more than Uncle Brian's iPad! It takes abuse in stride and has not shown one iota of wear. The battery life is excellent...the kids disappear with this thing to play games in the morning and I don't see them till evening and the battery is still good!

    I look forward to getting the keyboard and making this a true "Transformer" in the near future...and, that's probably my only gripe! For the price I paid for this tablet, the keyboard should be included!
  • sportnut211 - A Must See Original Six Stanley CupHockey fans didn't know if they would have hockey at all last season, but from the moment the shortened season began, the Blackhawks helped fans forget. From ” the streak” to the anguish of the Red Wings playoff series to the unbelievable ”17 seconds” of the Stanley Cup Finals game six, all the drama is here. A must own for any Blackhawks fan and a must watch for any hockey fan.