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  • Min "minlet" - Stephanie's best yetI rarely give 5-star reviews, but here are my reasons why this book is my favorite Plum:

    1 - Bunchy, the mysterious sad sack who's tailing Steph but won't tell her why;

    2 - Randy Briggs, the midget computer programmer who doesn't want to reschedule his court date, he just wants to finish his consulting project;

    3 - the best car-destruction scene yet; and

    4 - a really scary bad guy.

    To say anything more would give too much away.
  • DelusionalAngel - Definitely best in its classThis past year I switched from PC to Mac. The digital drawing / paint program I'd been using was PC only. This meant I had to go on a search for a replacement. I tested freebies, cheapies, watched videos, read reviews, etc etc. Still I was pretty set in my ways so nothing was quite right. Initially I wasn't sure this was right, still, by the end of a demo period of the full version, I'd fallen in love and was able to recommend it to my mom as it's available on both PC and Mac.

    There are plenty of brushes (this was biggest concern in switching as my former program had more brushes than anyone could ever use), every feature in it is simple enough for even a beginner to understand, recent service pack upgrades include a Copic marker set complete with a Copic marker color scheme.

    It works exactly the same with the cheap tablet I have as with the Wacom in the house.

    You'll get probably just about everything you'd expect from a product bold enough to imply it could be replacing your sketchbook in it's name...
  • Jorge Blanco "Author" - You need to read thisIn Die Empty, Todd Henry has a very important message for you. You have something unique and valuable to contribute. Don't hold out on us. In his book, Todd explains how you can find out what this contribution is, and provides you detailed principles you can follow to make sure you give the best you can. Every single day. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book. It is important that you do.