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  • Ryan Messner "dailymess" - Received the Wrong Product... But Very Pleased!I purchased this item after carefully reading the rave reviews online. Although the item shipped quickly, it took approximately four weeks to arrive. After 30 days of built up anticipation, I was disappointed to discover that the seller shipped me a gallon of cheese packaged in a Tuscan milk container. A novice mistake.

    Rather than return the item, I decided to use it for sandwiches, pasta, wine parties, and kebabs. For those that have never tried Tuscan cheese before, they don't separate the curd from the whey, which makes it much more watery, yellowish, and sour than traditional cheeses.

    In addition, it did cause some abdominal pain in all those who consumed it. Although, after ingesting large quantities over the course of a month, I built up a tolerance and eventually the extreme diarrhea dissipated.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Tuscan Cheese, and have tried contacting the seller in regards to getting a reorder, although they informed me that there is no such thing. Clearly, this was a new product that I received accidentally, and they are waiting for it to age more before offering it to the public. Until then, I'll try ordering the milk again.
  • A. Lemmond - It helped me!I went off birth control in January to try and get pregnant but my periods were all over the place. They were anywhere from 24 to 32 days long. Within days of taking the pills in July my cycles became regular. I now ovulate on day 14 every month. I'm not pregnant yet but I feel confident that I will be soon.
  • Katie - LOVE EXPOSEDI ordered the Exposed Basic Kit for my daughter who started having acne problems at the age of 15. She tried a long list of off the shelf products at the store and was getting totally frustrated with not getting any results. So after doing much research online and reading many reivews about many different products that claim to help clear up acne, we decided to give Exposed a try. We purchased the basic kit and within a month my daughters skin began to clear up and her whole outlook on skin care did a 360. She loves the product, the smell and fresh feel she has after she washes her face. When the reorder email came, I asked her if we wanted to continue and her response was an astounding YES. Give this product a try, you will not be disappointed.
  • Terri Moore - Align ProductA great product. The Doctor told us this was the only tested probiotic that had proven results. My daughter has been using it for 2 months now and it had in deed helped. We will continue to use it. We are happy with the product and Amazon for getting it to us quickly! Amazon also had the best price offered.
  • Ryan McGlashen - Great shoe with excellent supportI just started running (actually walk/run) about a month ago and was experiencing some cramping in my legs and pain in my heels. After talking with my doctor and friends who run regularly they all recommended investing in a good pair of running shoes. I was stretching pre and post but was still experiencing the discomfort. So when I did my research and checked out reviews I came across these Mizunos. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I've had them for two weeks and have not experienced any pain and the cramping has minimized. The extra support in the heel area is amazing. They are by far the most comfortable show I own. I will gladly recommend them to a friend.