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  • PamelaC "Pam" - I've been recommending this book for years!As the author of How to Get a Job, I have been a headhunter and recruiter for almost 20 years and have been recommending this book to candidates for over ten years. It's a very thoughtful and helpful book that can guide you to figuring out what is the best kind of job....for you. This book helps you to really think about what you've enjoyed in past jobs, what you want to do more of and even less of, in future jobs. It's so true too, that the things you enjoy the most, that seem to come the most easily, are also the skills that you tend to do best. When you find a job that allows you to enjoy your work, it can make all the difference in the world. It's an excellent book!
  • - Great book that strips away Camelot's false lusterMr. Hersh has done an excellent job in exposing the lies and sleaze that was all over the Kennedy administration. While JFK will always be remembered as a martyred president, this book shows the things he should be remembered for, namely Vietnam, stolen elections, and adulterous affairs that may have ultimately (and inadvertantly) cost him his life in Dallas. Those under the spell of the mythic "Camelot" will not like this book, but it is medicine that is sorely needed.
  • Chuckalufagus - Good product and easily installs.These bars fit great on my 2011 Honda Pilot. Installation took about 30 minutes, but there are a few tricks. First, pry out the front of the rear cap on the end of the roof rail so it clears the tab holding the cap in place. Then, use a rubber mallet to tap the end cap off the back of the roof rail. Spray a little WD 40 on the ends of the crossbars and inside of the roof rails to help them slide easier. Make sure you loosen the thumb screws sufficiently. I used the rubber mallet to help them along as they slid into the slots of the side roof rails. Be patient and don't force them. Slide the end caps back on to the roof rails and tap them over the tab that holds them in place. I did not need the two screws that were provided to keep the end caps in place. The crossbars are sturdy and look great!