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  • Pam McEachern - I am not very technical and I needed Norton right now!I needed Norton in the middle of a big project. The version I was using had used up its time.

    I read the information about the online product and bought it. It was easy for me to follow the directions and it was quickly installed. I still have 2 more downloads for whenever I need the next one.
  • RetiredNSmilin308 "PirateDave" - A STANDARD resource quoted and used by mostThis is a STANDARD for emergency medical treatment, but learn things, BEFORE they happen. it is not a HOW TO book to remove an appendice under candlelight.
  • Kirsten Mangold - I Used to Use this Program; It is still a Good programLast time I used Quicken was before online banking was available. For the last many years I've used my BofA online banking and that works fine but I am interested in budgeting and tracking now and so this fits the bill. The only trouble I am having is that it requires A TON of babysitting when you download from BofA. You need to do lots of "splits" to manage any kind of home office expenses. It is NOT easy to use. But, with some tweaking, it works for me.
  • Courtney P Bishop - Great for eating outWe have used this several times now going out to eat with our 6 month old. It has fit all tables so far. You do have to turn the "knobs" to tighten, which takes a minute, but it's not that big of a deal. And it's not righty tighty, lefty's the opposite. So far our baby isn't too messy, so we haven't had to clean it much, just spot cleaning. Not a big deal either. Those were some of the negative comments I read before buying it. I think it's great. I put a chair underneath it, just in case, but have had no problems.
  • Zenpony - Buying more for gifts.The photos are interesting and eclectic and the stories behind each one are fascinating. I have been following Brandon Stanton's Facebook page and it is one of the highlights of my day. My daughter works in NYC and has come across some of these people, both in the streets and on the trains. My copy was an advanced order and now I will order more to give to my New York friends and to my Snow Bird friends who miss the color and drama of the city.