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  • Worth B - Saved my dog's lifeI recently got a puppy for my small children and read an article about Tagg. I had a fully fenced yard and thought I wouldn't need it but I bought one for the peace of mind. Sure enough one of my boys left a gate open and our little puppy disapeared. I came home to crying, heartbroken children and quickly whipped out my phone. It took less than a minute to see that the dog had wondered down to a dry river valley about a half a mile from our house. We would have never looked for him there and there are cayotes and other aggressive animals there. We found our puppy within 5 minutes and I now know that Tagg provides more than peace of mind it can save an animal's life. Thank you Tagg!!!!!
  • Sherry - Doable as well as DurableWhile I find the invitation to send my binder to Mr. Romney entertaining, I can't afford the shipping! You see my binder has chapters rather than tabs. I have been a busy little gal - Ch 1 I raised two children and maintained a home, and worked a job in a Republican bank owned and operated by a Republic corporation with a Republican glass ceiling. Ch 2 I managed to graduate cum laude from a "measly" state college with the help of my federally underemployed hubby thereby setting a good example for my children, because I still believed in higher education for them. Ch 3 We went into hock at Wells Fargo for a school loan to get teaching degrees; they promptly sold the loan to Nelnet which charges DAILY interest-and no one ever asked me if I wanted to do that. Ch 4 We both teach at poverty PUBLIC schools and are unable to qualify for forgiveness loans since that wasn't set up at the time we signed the Wells Fargo loan...and no one ever told me. Ch 5 My son committed suicide when he couldn't afford medication or doctors. He was schizophrenic and, of course, that was not recognized as an insured disease - until Mr. OBama. Ch 6 I am 67 and would like to look forward to retirement, but that's not in my future since I assist 3 families financially. When my doctor asked if I was ready to retire and take care of my health, I asked him if he was ready to fund my family, but he is too busy charging $250 for an office visit so that he can get $175 from our overlapping insurance companies, Blue Shield, AARP, and Medicare. Ch 7 Death....I will leave my binder to my daughter, who I am sure will figure out that she will be screwed at every opportunity by a system that doesn't give a damn whether she lives or dies.
    Someone once said that the privileged should not judge the lives of the not-privileged since they have no clue.
  • BabyGurl - Very Thorough! Great Performance!A rating of five stars was given to this McAfee software due to its great performance and thorough PC scans.

    - This McAfee performs a thorough scan without slowing down my PC.
    - The red and green indicators for a website’s safety beside search engine results aides every user at a glance in making wise decisions about which websites to visit.

    - I did not find any CONs.

    I would recommend this product.
  • mommyofmax "maxine's mommy" - A real hoot!This book is the perfect summer read - light, funny, entertaining, sometimes inspiring. You can pick it up at any point in the book and begin reading, forget about marking your page, it's not that kind of book.

    I can't wait to read Cameron Tuttle's other Bad Girl books - Viva la Bad Girl!
  • PrimeFan - Amazing ResultsI bought the i-Light to treat my underarms and bikini but I decided to try my underarms first. I was a little bit skeptical when I bought the product but I followed the directions and eagerly awaited results. It took me a few minutes to treat each underarm and I was able to use the product on the highest power level without any discomfort. I finished my third treatment 2 weeks ago and I'm amazed with the results. My underarms are perfectly smooth and except for a few sporadic hairs that have popped up, the area really is smooth and hair-free. Today I'm going to blast away the last few hold-outs and I look forward to a season without shaving. Now on to the bikini...