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  • Devin Bekins - Great Book, sad I did'nt get a kindle version.I'm a professional in the industry and this is a great addition to my maya books. It was time to upgrade from my master maya 7.
    The book is a great reference for newer features in maya and a nice read once in a while to remember features you don't use often.

    My one stink would be that they add a digital copy or offer a discount to those who have purchased a physical copy already. Too often I'm in and out of the office freelancing and working from home, lugging around a large book(it's big to carry around)is impractical but I still love having a real book to read. $50 for a physical copy then another $50 for a kindle is just a little high for this book. Digital books are really the way of the future so to keep books in the market they should really offer incentive's.

    Good book for professionals and for new to intermediate. I would however suggest a "Intruducing Maya" book if your just starting in 3D.

  • Atheist Book Dood - Sam Harris Brilliant as AlwaysI don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Sam Harris is one of the most intellectually gifted men alive today. He proves it again with this, his third book, which tears down the common idea that morals are relative to culture. Sam systematically lays out his case, with wit galore and intellect to spare, that a mature neuroscience can, will, and must show us the light to a universal morality that will result in a rise in human happiness, just as a mature medicine has already led to longer lifespans. Thank you for your work Sam, and I can't wait for your next book. You are truly my hero. Please consider coming down to Atlanta sometime!