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  • C. Reinders II "CoffeeNut" - A Concept Album of Epic ProportionsAside from the quintessential 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is an iconic masterpiece, Being a concept album, The Wall has a mix of irony (Waters wrote it in response to the press's criticism that the band was boorish) and subtext that is not as obvious as other concept albums.

    The Wall, as imagined by Waters, was literally a wall between the band and the audience. Pink Floyd's musical heritage had been, and still is a surreal montage of imagery reflecting the bands (mostly Waters and Gilmour as the main writers) disillusionment at life in general (remember, this was a band that grew up in the 60's and came into there own in the 70's, two of the most disenchanting decades of the American dream (which by this time was a worldwide issue).

    I'll leave Syd Barrett out of this review only because it would turn my review into a book. Suffice it to say he was a key element in Waters' vision of what the album had to say.
  • gman - AmazingA must buy for anyone is medical school. The one text that has everything with exceptional organization. I had the binding removed and three hole punched for my system courses. This way I could take only the pages I needed.