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  • Alexandra - Exciting, creative, and beautifully written!I loved this book not only because of the interesting worlds that the author created, but also because it was a beautifully crafted story with lovely prose. I enjoyed the fact that the main characters are not perfect people; they are humans with flaws and confusion and problems interacting with other people. I am so excited for the sequel!
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  • Eric C. Sedensky "late-to-jazz musician" - The definitive introduction to playing Vince.I bought this together with Vince Guaraldi - Greatest Hits, both containing a lot of songs I really wanted to play on the piano myself. That combination has allowed me to hear what Vince played while also reading through the music to see just what it is he played. Without exception, I've found the written music exactly true to what Vince recorded, including pick up notes, tricky min-maj-min progressions, arpeggios, diminished 9th chords, and what-not, and it has made some previously unapproachable passages much easier to understand. I've also been able to use the book as a sort of learning tool, getting a feel for what a jazz musician really tries to accomplish when he sits down and plays a piece. I would like to have seen some fingering indications included, and without those, I think some beginners will not be able to do much with this work. And personally, I didn't find the performance notations particularly useful ("laid back" doesn't really convey much to me), but like I said, I also purchased a CD of Vince's music, so I already have an idea of what sort of sound I want to achieve. Other than those two minor points, I can't find anything wrong with this edition. The binding is "lay flat" perfect bound, so the pages stay glued together but pull away from the spine, allowing this book to retain a crisp appearance and feel even after the pages are pulled open on a music stand. Guaraldi fans and aspiring jazz pianists will gain a lot from this work.
  • AZCOMCustomer - From Cover to Cover!First saw this book at Barnes and Noble for nearly thirty dollars. I knew my son would love it, but didn't want to pay the cover price. I was thrilled to find it here at such a bargain!

    It is a beautiful book! ... Colorful photos and fun facts galore ... from cover to cover!

    My 9 year old son is enjoying it and so is the rest of the family!