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  • Judith M. Ellington - Well written.Our book club chose this book as one of our reads. Dave Eggers draws the reader in with the story of Zeitoun and his family, weaving the story of his Syrian family in with that of his American family. He depicts the role fear plays in the destruction of the democratic process and makes one understand that "even in Amercia" injustice happens. It is an accurate portrayal of the unbelievable chaos that ensured after Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Eggers has an enjoyable style and I will look for other books by him.
  • Katie L. Hart "waterfall_books" - Blink on a caffeine highEnter a world where detached headlines dance with your deepest fears, where friends and foes change hats, where cutting-edge meets supernatural.

    And where a kiss can steal a memory.

    She struggles to the surface of consciousness six weeks after the accident. Three faces in the hospital room catch her attention. Her venomous stepmother. Uncle Trent, an old family friend. And a handsome stranger who claims to have been much more.

    Exactly what, she can't remember. Half a year has been wiped from her mind. She doesn't know how the drugs got in her car and apartment. She doesn't remember the crash that nearly killed her and her brother. No one will even tell her if he's okay.

    As she scrambles to regain any fragment of what happened, every partial answer only brings more questions. Much is at stake in a presidential election year -especially when her father's name is on the ballot. Every step closer to the truth puts her more in danger.

    If she remembers, she dies.

    When you open a Ted Dekker novel, you know you're in for a mind-blowing ride. In Kiss, Dekker and Healy send you on that ride in the black of night. This is Blink on a caffeine high with a touch of amnesia. Don't start it before bed - it'll keep you up.
  • mhorne - Great bike, quiet, smooth, & fits greatI used to think that pain was normal on an indoor cycle. I am 6'5" and most bikes never quite fit. When I raise the height of the seat and the handlebar, I have to either overextend to reach the handlebars or lower the seat. It is either a choice between back pain or knee pain. I normally rode the M3 at the gym and loved how quiet and smooth the ride is and was looking at getting it for use at home but when I saw the adjustment of the handlebars on the M3+, I knew it was the right bike for me. Been riding for a month and the bike is great. Very sturdy, smooth and quiet ride. But most important the adjustability makes this bike fit perfect. I am truly in love with this cycle and highly recommend it.

    Update one year later: The M3 has been great. With very minor maintenance (cleaning and bolt tightening) the bike rides are as smooth as when I first bought it. Now my kids are riding it and they vary from 5'4" to 5'10" and we all can easily adjust the bike to fit our different needs. I can rarely say this but this was one of the best purchase I have made. Very happy with this bike.
  • Dabrink - Game was patched - Very funI'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews. I got hooked right away and still am hooked. I haven't once resorted to real money auction house. The gold in-game auction house has plenty of items, and I've used it exclusively to make it through inferno. They've made some improvements in the latest patch that I think helped considerably. I'm not sure why the reviews are still getting 1 star. I think expectations were too high. D2 was a legendary game, and this one is very good - still worthy of a 5 star I feel.

    The latest patch allowed players to still "level" after 60. It also unleashed a bunch of new legendary items. This has improved the overall quality of items in the auction house, improved characters, and made the game less frustrating in inferno.

    One thing to note, there are heavy graphics requirements, and this game seems to "freeze" up from time to time (for 20-30 seconds) when trying to display some of the heavier graphics areas. I believe this is a flaw in the game, since this used to never happen before the latest patch. It may just need to be re-installed. However, this also affects other players in the game with me (they freeze as well at times when I'm in the game).
  • AUTHORSHAYGRAY - Im a Big fan of Terry McMillanI have read every single book by Terry McMillan and was thrilled about this new one. I loved it. The characters are all relatable in some way, and we all know someone like Betty Jean. Raising your grandkids has to be hard but so many grandparents do it. I loved the fact we were able to peek into everyone's head. She is truly gifted to be able to do that. I am sure this is not the end of the story. Characters have a way of popping up in other stories. I need to know does Betty Jean fall in love again and if those grand boys of hers prosper. Great job once again.