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  • Landed a promotion - Get this book todayI have an older edition of this book that I have used for years. It recently helped me land a promotion and a huge salary increase. I was up against other internal candidates with more years of experience and a higher title, as well as external candidates for the position. The book definitely gave me an edge going into the three rounds of interviews. It also helped me negotiate an additional $3,000 in salary. So the book was worth every penny. Buy this book today. You will not regret it.
  • Mimi "new Mimi (grandma!)" - very helpful Abx book & info on disease processesBook is extremely helpful for Abx. Would recommend as an adjunct to one's arsenal of drug books. Helpful tables & such as well. Goes into depth with many disease processes. Book also lists the authors' sources for each disease process and recommendations and treatment. Book is set up by disease process, pathogens, management, drugs (antibacterial, antifungal, antimycobacterial, etc.)
    Did I mention that book's framework is by disease process, such as C.diff - then microbiology - then Clinical aspects (risk, Abx risk, clinical presentation, Dx, Lab tests) - then Sites of Infection. Treatment. Then Special Considerations, such as avoiding antiperistaltics, etc. Infection control measures. Follow-up instructions, then Other Information and More Information.

    I bought the paperback book and also bought the Kindle version. If you are in doubt, download the Kindle app, download a free sample of the book & look through the sample!
    One last note - author is the same author affiliated with the helpful Up-To-Date program!
  • Candy "bbq princess" - Use is properlyI think a lot of people who find that this product doesn't work for them may not be using it properly. I've been using the foundation for 5 years. I'm 59 yrs old. The first time I used it, I used too much, and didn't "swirl" it in with the brush enough. Then my daughter showed me how to use it. I've used it ever since, and always get compliments about my complexion. I love the way it feels (like you're not wearing foundation) and I don't have to constantly touch it up all day. I have moderately dry skin, and use a moisturizer a few minutes before applying the foundation. It goes on so beautifully when you apply is correctly and don't use too much. It truly gives your complexion an even, youthful glow. I love it!
  • Robert M. Flynn "Farmer Ted" - Read it!!!!!! It's worth it for an American perspective!!!!I went to the dentist and I'm in a chair and the noise and the lady was like talking the noise...and I'm like what...what
    And she's like....i thinks he's gay...and I'm like who...lights...
    And she's like....adam...maroon know..squirt of water....moves like him...the way he dances...but he's married...and I'm like that doesn't mean anything...and then shes like... yeah look at my sister..and I was like what....that hurt a know the you watch the voice?????????
    The she was like did yur wife read 50 shades of grey..lights..and I'm like no.... but i did....and she was like wow..and got real interested ...She said she never read a book in her life till 50 shades...and now she read all the kindle on her phone....50 shades all the time....the guy who is playing 50 shades in the movie is gay?????? her sister....her sister and lover painted their house grey and their bathroom the red room in 50 you watch the voice????? No. What are you getting ur wife for herbal preserver i say....what? you are crazy...lights.....other nurses come in and scold me....laughing....boy...what? gotta be gotta treat yur wife to nice things
    My husband says the reason I'm divorcing him is because of 50 shades of grey.....but that's not it...maybe if he paid more attention to his family
    It was nice meeting you.