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  • Kenneth A. Scruggs - Amazing... just amazing...I am a fan of short films. And these are just amazing. All of these films have an epic quality about them. The amount of story that can be provided in such a small amount of time. I found it a spectacular investment of time watching these budding story tellers make amazing film. Simply inspirational.
  • dorothy b. - best tablet choice!!I LOVE my kindle!!! I did a lot of research before I bought myself a tablet and couldn't be happier with my choice. Iwanted something that was simple to use but had many features. Iwanted to be able to do work, research, have aguide for the kitchen and be able to read anywhere!!! It's so easy to use, so convenient, and is the best all around! My 67 year old mother can use it with ease and my husband now uses it to look something up, like snowblower repair video. I s will be buying them both one for Christmas (should the budget slide, if not mom comes first!!) Thank you for a great product Amazon!!!!
  • Alvin Mitchell "almitchell" - Solid state drive is much fasterThis drive replaced the hard drive in my netbook. The package contained only a bare drive so in order to be able to transfer the data from my old drive, I had to order a drive kit from Crucial for another $19.95, but with it the process was simple. Once the data was transferred the computer booted up much faster because the solid state drive is much faster.
  • Lee C. Robison - Better than the first Noticer.The main character "Jones" is a great example of what we all should be and reading this second book proved fascinating. As a person who has spent sometime on the Alabama Gulf, the book is fun as it brings back memories.
    Deciding if this is a work of fiction or non fiction is difficult because the places are real and Jones seems real so I am not sure and that is part of the magic.
    I look forward to reading other book by Andy Andrews.
  • Rachel P - Great for pet hairI'm very pleased with this vacuum. I just bought it and have two dogs and it picks up their hair great. The pet tool works awesome for the couches. Also I love how light weight it is because we have a lot of stairs. My only complaint is that it comes with extra tools to use with the hose that dont have a holster on the vacuum cleaner so when I want to use them I have to go back to the closet and get thim. Not a huge deal though. Great vacuum for the money.