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  • Pan Review - So Far So GoodI have had the two smaller pans and the knife for over a month. So far, I am very pleased. I made sure I did the seasoning properly and nothing has stuck yet. I can make a dish, rinse and wipe and move on to the next thing I want to make. The knife has been great. I can finally slice tomatoes without making moosh out of them. Perfectly thin slices for sandwiches. Cuts everything without difficulty so far. I will be purchasing additional pieces to the cookware set to see how they are.
  • Bass Cadet - Everyone Loves It!As a family that has grown up with Leapfrog toys, this is the best of the lot. We started with the Little Touch LeapPad, moved to the original LeapPad Learning System, acquired a couple of LeapFrog TAG pens, and have gone through many single purpose Leapfrog toys. This is definitely my children's favorite. Out of the box, the included apps have held their attention and imagination far longer than expected. In particular, the cartoon maker and camera are big hits.

    I bought several cartridges, and they were excited to try them out. So far, we have SpongeBob SquarePants: The Clam Prix, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, I SPY Super Challenger Learning Game, and Disney Pixar Brave. I like that these teach different subjects such as spelling (The Clam Prix), math (Tinkerbell), and science (Brave). I haven't tried the others but I thought The Clam Prix was fun to play, almost like Mario Kart.

    Given a choice, my children would choose to play with a Nintendo DS or a tablet computer, but they will choose to play with the LeapPad 2 over any studying or practice. That and the design and construction for smaller hands make me happy to let them play with it.